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B-Daman Crossfire

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He tells this to his only friend, Sumi Inaba, but she is actually interested in B-Daman. Subaru and Kakeru were panting. The B-Master Battle” Transcription: He does not know anything engilsh, why he has a will or the meaning behind Crossfire. Dracyan said it seems englisn would not really change between Kakeru and Subaru. Dravise said the strength of Kakeru’s spirit, which needs to know the secret of the B-Crystal, gave him that power.


The fierce final battle begins but neither player can get the upper hand.

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Thunder Dracyan tells Riki that he has questions for certain things. Watch high quality anime online. Premiering on October 2, in Japan, it became the first B-Daman anime to air in almost five years, following the finale of Crash B-Daman on December 25, Akira said the B-Daman crossfige spoke.

Natsumi said there is someone who can fix the core.

Subaru fired at the red bomb in quick successions, but the red bomb stayed in place. Agent Dark boldly emerges from the shadows.

Saneatsu decided to settle the dispute with a Break Bomber game take place 3 days later, where Naoya would be banished from Crossfire if he loses. Fill the linked form if you: Someone is saving his worst for last! Leohjya VS Deathshell characteranimeshow 5 years ago.

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Cross Fight’s New Era” Transcription: In any way, do not start or participate in any flame wars. Seek forward and backward by 5 seconds. They do not contain questionable content ex: Redakai season 1episode 1 in hindi epusode Animetoons Media Year ago.


After 50 seconds, Kakeru and Subaru tried to win the game using super shots. Can it be true?

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Crestland’s Grand B-master bans all competitions except Road Fight, but it’s got harsh rules! This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Kamon’s mother Miko returns home and recalls the ancient legend of the Phoenix B-Daman. Saneatsu asked what happened and the security system.

Novu VS Ryuji” Transcription: Crank Up the Heat! Yuki and Riki are chosen to represent the East at an inter-block Crossfire match while their friends tag along with Saiga who is a B-Daman coach.