Unlike the original fourteen housemates, no intruders are keeping a secret in the House. The votes are insanely close with only the slimmest of margins separating the final 3. I’m not gonna lie it did feel good to put her positive energy to the universe down! Retrieved 18 August Another pretty lady photo bombs stars, this time at the Independent Spirits Awards Big Brother Live Noms. Heidi got a promotion with her media company and moved to a new job across the country and in with her boyfriend.

Josh’s point tally is eight in total. BB has one more twist to play as the Green Room has been turned into a Safe Greenroom and a Halfway Greenroom with the evicted housemates watching the party from the wrong side of the fence. Benjamin comes to the diary room to tell Big Brother he is having a bad day as he is the last person to not have gone into the captain’s quarters despite being a previous peg face champion! The three or more in the case of a tie housemates with the most nomination votes will be nominated. Clooney, does that salad belong to you? This is my house, Tim says, this is my dream world. On Day 33 , housemates joke that Ava and Estelle are becoming a lesbian couple.

Sep 3rd, – Tue.

Big Brother Australia 2013 Ep 7 The Honeymoon is Over +3

You must log in or register to reply here. Aug 10th, – Sat. Zoe says she does not love herself, but is starting to. On Day 8Housemates learned they would have a total of five nomination points, to divide between two women. It has been a while since Fitzy came to epispde. On Day 33housemates joke that Ava and Estelle are becoming a lesbian couple.


Retrieved 9 September On Day 34housemates have a trivia night, but sore loser George’s behaviour causes all HMs to be punished. It is “Father’s Day” in the house. Big Brother needs to stop being a push-over! Layla Subritzky Estelle Landy.

Hooray for love episode 42 English Sub [2/2]

Henson appears in good spirits as she skips the red carpet amid Jussie Smollett case Pink lady Independent Spirit Awards On Day 62the housemates are in the backyard. Sep 19th, – Thu. Ratings are rounded to the nearest ten thousand. Drugs spisode the US down in global health rankings: Everytime she cries, housemates have 30 seconds for two of them to be by her side and comfort her. Archived from the original on 25 September Throughout the day, housemates had to dance to music being played by Big Brother to pass.

Only Ed never tasked life on the other side until the house was united. Back to top Home U. On Day 40Layla and Angie make up after their fight last night. Middle school cheerleader, 13, falls ill and dies suddenly ‘after suffering a medical emergency’ 2104 of Sure hope she has a brain and is not afraid to lose it.

Archived from the original on 2 March episodd Aug 9th, – Fri. I don’t even have a house, Jade says. These points can be allocated however a housemate wishes either 4 points to one housemate and 1 point to another; or 3 points to one and 2 points to another.


What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Retrieved 14 August November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Big Brother 20 House Tour June 22, Layla then passes her test and Benjamin is dressed up as a fairy for Big Episodde.

Big Brother Australia

On Day 39a game of truth or date ends in a huge fight between Angie and Layla. We go back to the highlight packages with a look back at the tensions caused by this year’s big twist, the Halfway House and the Save House. It did feel kinda good. Just what can the Housemates expect when they enter the House?

The next group of evicted housemates epksode a cat, the housemate who wore pajamas, a lawyer and for the first time in world-wide BB history, a housemate who sacrificed himself to save another. But really, was there an unattractive male? The other housemates relax outside and talk about how Layla, or her alter ego Shaniqua, has taken over the kitchen. Sam and Estelle also have a little “conversation” of their own! The series generally constitutes 14 or more contestants who live in an isolated bau for several months.

Uh, maybe “witched of eastwick” followed by “torchwood” can keep me going?