Add a URL for another version of the exact same video. Connect to YouTube No thanks. He will be here soon, himself, too. Narin called, told me the name of the place they are staying at. Mom, the police are going because of him; I am going because of Narin. Now, what am I doing, begging and pleading with a stranger!

Okay, I am leaving too. What should I say? He has a report regarding his mental health Be quite for a while. If you are so sure of yourself, go mess with him! What is that man doing?

Who knows where they will be found?

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Now, what am I doing, begging and pleading with a stranger! Your son goes to Istanbul after Narin Let’s call the police Could you tell him come over to the phone? I heard that you weren’t allright yesterday. Maybe, you can hang them on some lucky part of your body. Why did you send Narin to Istanbul with them you idiot!!!

Bir bulut olsam

Look, now, immediately, even if he is hiding in the deepest of places, I will find them. The police is here,too.


Your father will make the world a dark place for us, make us miserable for ever Asiye is probably happy buult Useful when many versions of the same video exist, or when there are different formats like HTML5. Already have subtitles for this video?

Narin does not love Mustafa but ends up becoming his wife against her will. He says I am not sick.

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You can wear this for now Then, ask her brother, whom you hired at the hotel Have her get out of this house! I am with Mustafa, Dad.

There is no need for you to go downstairs. I raised the mighty Aslan Bey off the ground. It is a huge farm.

And this is your reservation number. You put your video on Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and you want the subtitles you make to work on all of those versions. Zeynep Hanim, let my friends continue their work And let’s check the kids, what do you say?


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Episode engliish – http: We left the minefield together. The two of you don’t take a piss without telling the other!!!

Everything is going to be all right. If you cut my wrist, it will bleed yellow and red. Yaw, Asiye, They told me that you were yelling around since the morning Aren’t you tired? But, it is like that Abi. Be quite for a while. You do not want subtitle volunteers to duplicate their work, so you add both versions to the multiple URLs pane.