In permission was given for a small cinema to built within the former stage of the Theatre but with the proviso that the stage could be reinstated should the Theatre ever be restored to its former use. They planed to refurbish the entire building eventually, but temporarily created a seat Studio Theatre for their work in what was originally the Theatre’s Dress Circle, which had been extended over the stalls to the proscenium for the creation of a temporary stage. Recent comments view all 63 comments. Yes, the dress circle seating area remains the same, as does the plaster front of the dress circle. The stage has been designed and constructed by Mr Cawdrey, who has introduced every possible mechanical appliance. The centre of the ceiling is raised in the form of an ellipse, to which the artistic brush of Mr Arthur J. William and Anna enjoy a meal at the Japanese restaurant: Login or Sign up.

The paintings on the Ceiling and Proscenium, and the original ‘Act Drop’ for the Theatre, based on the famous tapestry entitled “La Barque de Venus” were created by Mr. But that really is the time to see it. However, back in a repertory season, which is shown in the programme displayed right, shows what could be done with the Theatre under the right management. The auditorium is built entirely of concrete and steel, and is absolutely without supporting columns, the cantilever principle being wisely adopted. It is 40ft deep and 75ft wide. In , the building was again under threat, but it was protected by a Grade II listing [2] and the threat passed. By the Theatre was altered to full time Cinema by the addition of a projection room in the former Dress Circle Bar, and a screen fitted forward of the proscenium arch.

The Adam mansion, once home to Lord Mansfield, houses the Iveagh Bequest of old master paintings, and, amazingly, entry is free.

Cooronet first tier includes dress-circle with many seats and balcony, and a cosy box each side is a special feature. It suffered, however, from being outside the traditional London theatrical district of the West End, whilst being sufficiently close to that district unlike other provincial theatres to find itself in competition with it.

The onerous and important post of clerk of the works has been ably filled by Mr F. Want to be emailed when a new comment is posted about this theater?


Coronet Cinema Archives – Print Room

It was, for example, the cinema at which David Cameron was reported in the press to have watched Brokeback Mountain on its opening night. Shortly after finding fame, the famous door was removed and auctioned off for charity, to be replaced by a rather anonymous black one.

Originally in the hands of P. If you really want to visit the serenely peaceful garden, which is much larger than you may imagine, once a year there London hosts an Open Garden Squares Weekend. The main original auditorium remained virtually intact. The rundown bedsit interior was a studio set and bore no resemblance whatsoever to what actually lay behind the famous blue door, for this was actually home to the screenwriter Richard Curtis. An uninterrupted view of the stage will be obtained in every part of the auditorium The interior throughout will be luxuriously decorated in Louis XVI.

While closed the theatre has undergone complete renovation, internally and externally. Notting Hill Gate Underground station. It went over to screening films full time in and the boxes on each side of the proscenium were removed.

The stage was 65 foot wide by 40 foot deep. Infilms were shown at the theatre for the first time, as part of variety programmes mixing live and filmed performance.

You must login before making a comment. The theatre will be electrically lit throughout and the light arranged so as to add to the general effect of the details of the decorations, complete gas installation is also to be provided, in case of temporary failure of the electric light.

The Coronet closed in the summer ofon the 18th of June, having been sold to The Print Rooma theatre and arts Company, who were previously located in Westbourne Nitting. Ken Roe on October 4, at 5: The title is the setting, though the famously cosmopolitan locale seems cinemma have been ethnically cleansed: A new projection room has been built at the rear of the balcony, and is equipped with Gaumont machines of the latest type on British Acoustic sound bases.

The Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill Gate, London, Uk Stock Photo: – Alamy

The projection equipment is housed in the former dress circle bar. It was re-named Gaumont Theatre in gae continued through to playing the Gaumont and Rank releases. Thus two profitable shows could be had. In May the Coronet Cinema was purchased by a church, but remained open as a cinema. The Coronet was designed as a theatre by leading architect W. Everyone concerned with the enterprise is entitled to the heartiest congratulations, and compliments were showered on Mr E. We have long left behind the period spoken of by Charles Sprague when he wrote “Lo, where the stage, the poor, degraded stage, holds its warped mirror to a gaping age,” and entrepreneurs like Mr E.


It is more than difficult to give a description that will convey a true idea of the classic outlines and elevation of a theatre of which the whole County of London may well be proud. But that really is the time to see it.

William proposes at the press conference: The main original auditorium then had a seating capacity ofwith in the stalls and in the balcony the gallery has been unused since it converted to a cinema in The heating of the house comes from low pressure radiators installed by Strode and Co.

The above text was first published in the ERA26th of November I fell in love with the nottting the first time I walked in for my interview with Tony.

The Coronet Cinema, 103 Notting Hill Gate, London, Uk

Theatrical architecture in the past has too been sacrificed to the utilitarian spirit that affected syndicates and boards of directors; and we have had to put up with storied stucco and pretentious and shabbily ornamented brick fronts.

Among the well-known people present we noticed Messrs C. Heathrow Airport ; Coroney Airport.

Somewhat misleadingly, the shop-owners have added an additional sign reading ‘The Travel Book Shop’. The stage has been blocked off, and the cinema screen is placed within the proscenium arch.

Having been a projectionist of 35mm with ” reels and carbon Arc. The form of the ground floor is made pronounced by a rake, and there is no seat of any part from which the stage is not visible. Notting Hill Theatre Reopened. Languages Italiano Edit links. I was assistant manager here from till with Tony Portch as manager.