Your analysis hits right to the core. Hmmm, maybe the girls will swap their souls then? This drama is really impressive, really heartbreaking, really sweet! But I probably won’t. I’m excited to know how this drama ends, but kind of sad that it’s ending. May 18, at 6: Oh gosh, I am of two minds as well. Why do I keep getting a City of Angels vibe here?

Having watch taiwanese, hongkong and china dramas, I must say despite the similarities between Koreans and Chinese, there is something in between the two cultures that are just so different. I mean, she grew as a character A LOT while she was in her spirit form and so I dont believe that her “Im dying” way of thinking is baseless or has a stupid reasoning. YK and HK may be single, with no looming romantic prospects for either of them, but they are picking up the pieces after sustaining a big loss, and they are looking forward to the future knowing that their shared history has earned them a lifelong friendship with each other. This Drama seriously has kept me on my toes! Romance Is a Bonus Book: Now finally as we reach the end I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. I kept seeing you taking your shoes off for me. Aren’t we very observant?

When did they film this drama anyways? Hugs to you too.

It’s a fantasy drama because fantastical things happen — predetermined death included. Jane May 22, at Did Jihyun call Yisoo, Scheduler Oppa?? And then he gets to the point: To know she was loved, and that her dramatizsd touched others.

Because really, we never know when it is our time to leave this earth. P But while the ending was beautiful, it still left me wanting something more, something All living things must come to and end, all of them will expire at one particular moment in time.


Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Rina May 20, at 7: Just read recap and I really want to watch it Bride of Water God.

I can not wait to read this episode and also prepare a box of tissues The whole Yi-soo and Yi-kyung part of this episode had me crying rivers, I knew that there was no way for them to reunite in this life but that didn’t make it any easier. You took off your shoes unconsciously and ran barefoot.

What about all the others who figured it out?

Especially since the Scheduler has told her numerous dramafized that it would disturb the balance of the whole life-afterlife divide for a living person to know the secrets of the Hereafter. He asks who it is. I was hoping that JH and HK would finally be together. I like that the Scheduler went on to what he was supposed to be doing next.

First of all, thank you so much for recapping this drama. She’s mentioned before in the drama, how she felt bad that all her emotions were bottled dramatizwd inside and she couldn’t shed tears while In-jung was able to cry right away – she felt guilty about it.

So the one dying is Minho.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea

This would have ended the drama with e;isode cliff hanger. I can see that I need to prepare a roll pack of tissues when I watch this episode. Mom tests the waters by asking if Ji-hyun remembers her friend Dqys — er, Song Yi-kyung — and how she left her seal in her care. But because of my 49 days, I was able to receive love from someone like Kang-ie.

Enough ranting about my dissatisfaction.

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I guess that’s the reason for having YS checking his last Scheduler death schedule does that even make sense? How I have longed for a drama that skips all the “boy SLOWLY after 12 groan worthy episodes realizes he likes the girl” and goes straight to the good stuff!


I’m sure my family thinks I’m crazy since I go from crying to laughing. My personal rewritten ending would be that the Scheduler tells her she doesn’t have “much” time left, that she will die again soon, but doesn’t tell her how dramatize that is. I only watched 49 days because the story sounded interesting even though it wasn’t a rom-com. Dia berteman baik dengan Wang Rin Hong Jong Hyun yang merupakan anak dari keluarga kerajaan sekaligus pengawalnya.

I don’t think anyone can prepare for death She turns to leave, but Ji-hyun steps out of her room and sees her there. Ok it would have been better if we didn’t have so many flash backs in the last episode cause i got ddamatized sometimes trying to figure out wait- am i watch the wrong episode.

It was even worse for my little sister, because she and dad had an argument a few days prior, and she never had the chance to say sorry.

Ani May 19, at 1: For all it is worth, this winopsis a love story; but in the end there was no love. Dramatizev May 18, at It’s difficult to really digest the ending of this great drama but I still leave dissatisfied although I shouldn’t.