Hajime helps prevent the milk crisis with help of Galax Sugane as a decoy. Just unacceptable setup and execution for me. What if a situation made use reveal ourselves she may also be implying that such a case will one day or another happen so concealing now just buy time. At least can hope Jou actually finds this guy and this series with heroes can actually have a fight or two in it. Hajime and Utsu-tsu bought a big smile to my face this week. Hajime is so awesome as always. Funny that such an enthusiastic girl might be the one to teach everyone a thing or two about taking it easy and letting decisions come your way instead of looking things up all the time. I’m guessing he’s the main antagonist.

XD I cant wait for the sub: As we have seen, Hajime is an incredibly outgoing girl with an exuberant personality that makes it easy for her to build human and non-human relationships Messy-chan says hello! Awesome OST all throughout the episode.. I used to be annoyed at what she does, but she’s shown time and time again that she’s not an idiot. What about possible “deification” of the gatchaman by some people causing unnecessary trouble and danger? The characters are lousy and frankly while I have little issue with alternative lifestyles I don’t know why every other character needs to be an example of one, the sense of pacing and exposition is borderline non-existent, the animation quality control is abysmal After denying Rui’s quest for them to stop being Gatchaman, I wonder what Rui is gonna do about the Gatchaman from here on out. Hajime is so cute

I can’t wait frowds next episode, it’s time for Joe to burn! Hajime is adorable though crawling on the floor like that imo: Some of it was boring.

Then wtf with the female voice? She also used “kun” rather than “chan” as an honorific which would imply that she knew his gender. Biggest surprise pleasant of the season for me and developing very nicely along plot lines.


He’s such a weird character lol.

Gatchaman Crowds Episode 3 Discussion

If they explained to jou what he is then I’m pretty sure he’d back off. I used to be annoyed at what she does, but she’s shown time and time again that she’s not an idiot.

Rui does have a point but ignores the flaws in his own system. Well, i only watched the first episode i don’t remember well and i just jumped to the sixth, so if i missed some hints please make me reconsider my points. BBCode Please don’t feed the trolls! I’m guessing he’s the main antagonist. Hajime is just so unpredictable lol. Regarding Jou I can fully understand him not getting involved with Hajime.

D Utsu-tsu is really moe and I really like her voice. No everyone is perfect like Hajime; able to use the system without being controlled by it.

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Gatchaman Crowds Episode 6 Discussion. Not definitive, but supportive of her other comments regarding make-up. The validity of her points are mostly due to the fact that the scenario align itself on her. Not that anyone is counting, but at this point there are three characters who appear to be somewhat transgendered and I wouldn’t use transgendered to describe any of these characters.

I’m all for Jou going for it even though I expect it to get him killed. He still looks like a trap even with his wig off. I got pretty annoyed with Hajime this time, but in the end it was all good ;D As much as like Rui’s goal, i don’t like him for some reason: The major difference between them is their level of social interactions that will make or break them.


The people that were given ‘power’ also sound kinda cool too, hope they make an appearance soon.

LOL now that rubik’s cube is her pet. Way too many cute moments. He’s chasing after the last boss on his own, with a gun and I can’t forget that death flag from a couple of episodes ago.

XD I cant wait for the sub: BBCode Please don’t feed the trolls! To cut to the chase Hajime and Rui might just represent two sides of the same coin. I don’t who is worse, Rui or Hajime?

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She knows that to be dependent on it is not the way to go and I assume things will happen and eventually people will come to her way of thinking in moderation as well. The crazy bird in episode 4 created an accident, at the end of the episode people are saying “we can only count on galax”. She just has a unique way of doing things: Oh boy, a storm is brewing and I feel sorry for everyone who dropped this at episode 1 which is a shame Unsurprisingly, the Internet overreacted as usual You can’t just trust the Internet blindly Senpai!

I have a feeling I’m going to need to rewatch this series after it finishes to get the full experience.

Gatchaman Crowds Episode 6 Discussion

Speaking of Hajime, she continues to shine as a great character. Now we just need more character development for the other Gatchaman. Can’t wait for next episode.