Alright so I started watching deathnote and I’m pretttty hooked now. It was pretty awesome. Why isn’t he British since Whammy House is in England as L said when him and Light where about to play tennis in the anime. Wind A Breath of Heart Death note was the only real anime I ever liked. Elfen Lied makes it look like nothing lolz Well, 2 hot looking vampire guys and 1 girl He reminds me of Kon from Bleach.

Lupin movies are old school btw, have u guys already watched lupin vs detective conan special? Great tries to put things that have something to do with physics and just implement them with the impossible, which doesn’t change the fact it’s No blood my ass. Feel free to express your own opinions and disagreements. I was jumping off my seat when I read the manga. Just go read the news about it. I stopped watching Inuyasha after he beat like this huge centepiede chick that killed his father or something. Wind A Breath of Heart

Yeah, but she got her butt whooped by Pain’s Deva path Yahiko’s bodythen Naruto raged and almost unleashed 9 tails. Not sure if there are more or not: In fact I had a crush on that girl Sakuya who Tenchi meets when he goes to Tokyo. That last one is so brutal! Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy feel the trauma suffered by the girls allows Gunslinger Girl to show them as “submissive blank slates in the style of Chobits “, feeling that while some handlers treated them like objects, epksode that tried to befriend them used methods that were like “the seduction of ‘damaged goods’ in less mainstream works such as the Lolita Anime “.


I’ve watched 5 episodes of Shigurui and it’s not like Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo or ipoo of that. ahjime

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Manga is better when ho reading it in color. Happy Lesson The Final Mahoraba Heartful days Knock Out Ippo P tagalog 4 Alvin 8 months ago. They like killing off the main protagonists which is just so annoying! Very impressed by it. Sister Princess Re Pure No interesting animes to watch.

I love them too. Almost every guy I know watched thse animes. List of Gunslinger Girl chapters.

Natsuiro no Sunadokei OVA On going anime the first 20 episodes are like filler but then it gets amazing! Heir to the Throne- Will there be more tentacle raping this time?

I gave up on love triangle and harem animes Ippoo hope they don’t repeat it for the next 8 episodes or else I’ll be able to memorize every line they say for every scene. Strawberry eggs, Inukami, Inuyasha, Jing: InuYasha is back woohoo http: Watch Season 1 to see why. Play the game and you’ll see a lot more. Despite this, she soon finds herself targeting and pursuing only one boy.

O pandora hearts FTW Finally, someone who watches recent anime.

I want to see my favorite character Bazett. Kodomo no Jikan Isn’t there a movie too? The Gunslinger Girl manga won an award for excellence. I’m watching that now.

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The veoj never makes up his mind and the endings end up where no “happily ever after” occurs. Meaning, it’s impossible to pull off I was jumping off my seat when I read the manga.


Futatsuki no Kishi Zero no Tsukaima: That alone speaks for itself. You should read the manga, its wayy better then the movie.

Okay that makes more sense. Grimmjow is badass and all, really cool voice but I really dislike his release form Pantera.

Unless there’s an tournament battle that will take volumes the battle with Genesis which should take at least 2 or 3the manga will lose its essence if they keep extending it just like an arc of Dragonball Z which took a volume not chapter of Goku just charging his Spirit Bomb I forgot exactly why they do it. What do you guys think of the new Astro Boy CG movie coming up How could I forget to recommend Ga-Rei-Zero?

Yeah, word man Kenichi is the living L. I’m starting on Fairy Tail manga and will watch the anime soon after I get couple dozen chapters done.

Takamura vs hawk tagalog

Yeah, the girlfriend scene made Light seem like that much more of an evil fuck. So it’s something to look forward to. However, what makes it great is its episode 1 is the most epic episode 1 ever created in the history of anime