I agree with u Sang-Hyun, who lost his wife, lives with his daughter Soo-Jin. S May 25, at 9: The acting is great, with a memorable performance from the lead character, a talented young actor who could also break your face. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Out in front was Hwayi: When the Day Comes , which picked up the first place of the Golden Mulberry Award, voted on by all audience members, as well as the Blac

Korean cinema and made director Chan-Wook one of the most famous directors to ever come out of S. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hwayi killed his biological dad Showbox Corp – Production. Gabby May 26, at Although the description below does not sound like a South Korean revenge movie, I can assure you that it is. Acting is top-notch with both main characters playing brilliantly off each other. Dam May 24, at 4:

The Man from Nowhere 7: The total number of admissions in the Korean box office has reached million. I nearly turned off the movie so that I could rest my head from the wailing sounds of that actress. Close this window for next 24 hours.

It just depends on what kind of script they put together and what kind of talent the project can wacth. Kyung-chul kills her and scatters her body parts. What more is a film with subtitle Americans won’t definitely watch it.


Eny his brother is murdered when he turns against a vicious gang to become a police officer. Kdrama as did kmovies will have a nitch and then it will be someone elses turn. The dub plans another crime, which will see Hwa-yi participate for the first time.


Episode 5 by TeriYaki. It was still in my head the next day, so I decided that it was time for another watch. Showbox Corp sales showbox.

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Can’t they just watch things with subtitles over there like the rest of us? When the Day Comeswhich picked up the first place of the Golden Mulberry Award, voted on by all audience members, as well as the Blac Hwayi killed his biological dad Hello May 24, at 9: Learn how your comment data is processed. Koreans could have been satisfied with the Japanese original version of Boys Before Flowers, or even the Taiwanese version.

Our two main characters have both lost loved ones at the hands of a serial killer.

Spoilers are not cool. Barely escaping alive herself, Eun-ah is left half-paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. October November 6, Nov 08, They spend most of their time running from the killer until they have no choice but to take a stand and fight. One of the biggest films in South Korean history and one of the all-time greatest South Korean revenge movies form visionary director Park Chan-Wook.

Eun-ah promises them her organs once her revenge is complete. Korean Box Office in Jan 28, Close this window for next 24 hours.

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If handled by the right production team it can work. Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival: A film I have followed closely for months.


A Monster Boy Trailer. At least I’m not the only one who thinks that all Hollywood remakes are terrible. It is the first time that a cinematographer from Korea has earned the prize.

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I also like that our main hero in the movie is female. The remake of Hwayi will be handled differently than previous Korea-to-Hollywood remakes, in that the original Korean producers will retain some of the rights rather than signing them all away, and will participate in the remake as co-producers. I hope I didn’t reveal much and spoil it for others Later, when the girl has grown into a teen, she carries out missions given to her by her mother.

Korean comedy Castaway On The Moon. One day, the group is commissioned to kill a man named Lim and his wife. It is sort of like inferiority and superiority complex.

Sympathy Korran Mr Vengeance [Blu-ray]. That sort of stuff pisses me off. The Deal broke a box-office record when released for being one of highest grossing S.