I think you have the background and the type of mind to understand it, and to believe it when you have seen proof. I said, “What would you say is important, Mrs. The beer can wait. I wasn’t even thinking that it would be a better story for the Clarion if I got the burglar – or if he got me. Besides that, he’s by way of being a Mystery Man in Carmel City. I knew that she’d be burning with curiosity but that she wouldn’t listen in. He chuckled, and quoted at me:

Pete, from the door, looked at me. That we can have – and do sometimes have – access to it. He said, “Not your fault, Doc. Al Grainger is just a young squirt – twenty-two or -three – but he’s one of the few chess players in town and one of the even fewer people who understand my enthusiasm for Lewis Carroll. He isn’t badly hurt, but for God’s sake quit arguing and get down here with Dr. I knew that she’d be burning with curiosity but that she wouldn’t listen in.

There were lights in the houses on either side of me, and I wondered which of my neighbors to bother.

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But then, where had I missed a chance to do something wrong anywhere down the line tonight? Carr’s husband worked literally. I used to be a juggler once. I told Pete to put the rest of the type in the hell-box and I went over to the case and set a short head in tenpoint, “Bonney Divorce Granted,” to replace the twenty-four point head that had been on the longer story. He’d already made himself comfortable in the overstuffed chair.

Get the boy’s side of it when he can talk and just try to keep your mind open until then. I know I would have, but that doesn’t prove anything because I’d have done it anyway; I’ve never had a conscience like Miles Harrison’s. Pete had the rummage sale item reset by the time I’d finished with page four, and this time I waited for 17 him to finish up page one, so we could go to Smiley’s together.

I’ll take a rain check. I’ll get down when you do in the morning and figure something out then. Interesting in a different way, of course. Just one good issue out of twenty-three years. I’ll try my best to get to your place for some chess, but don’t look for me unless I’m there by ten o’clock – half past at the latest. He said, “People are named Yehudi, you know. I’d passed the bank thousands of times after dark and never before had that light been off.


Past the supermarket and Beal Brothers and past Deak’s Music Store – where I’d once bought a violin but had forgotten to get a set of instructions with it and the corner and across the street. But my mind – ah, it was in that delightful state of being crystal clear in the center and fuzzy around the edges, the state that every moderate drinker knows but can’t explain or define, the state that makes even a Carmel City seem delightful and such things as its squalid politics amusing.

I’ve got a good memory for faces, even ones I’ve just seen pictures of, and I’d always hoped that some day I’d spot a wanted criminal in Carmel City and get a story out of it, if not a reward.

So nobody here knew his father. At the last second, even in that faint light, I’d thoughtThe head and the hand weren’t in the window any more and there was the soft thud of a body falling inside.

And during the few months of each year up to jabberwoccky the 9 first of July they worked a day and a night shift to meet the Fourth of July demand. Their car had gone on past; I hadn’t watched it, but my ears had told me that it had kept on going.

I wasn’t able to get here this afternoon, so I came to clean up this evening instead; I just finished. Do we argue the identity of Lewis Carroll? I’ve got a bottle, and I hope and presume that it would be ridiculous to ask a man who talks about vorpal blades whether or not he drinks. I didn’t know Bonney personally, except just to say hello to on the street, but I did know Carl Trenholm well enough to be jabberwocky sure that if kabberwocky said Bonney was in the right, the story wasn’t fair the way I’d written it.

Carl often dropped in Smiley’s on Thursday evenings, knowing that I always came in for at least a few drinks after jbaberwocky the paper to bed.

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What department at Bonney’s does your husband work in? No one would have the slightest reason for killing, of all people, Carl Trenholm. I have a car. What are we going to put in it? Not tonight, necessarily; it isn’t in that much of a rush. But it wasn’t Al; it was a man I’d never seen before. Criminals do pretty silly things sometimes but not quite so silly as to stop a getaway car within spitting distance of the scene of the crime to ask what town they’re in, and then to top it by getting out of the car to slug a random pedestrian because they don’t like his answer to their question.


There was dim light there, enough for me to be able to see the window. It was still loaded with bullets jabbersocky were in it when we’d made the deal four or five years ago, and I didn’t jabberwofky whether they’d still shoot or not, but I put it in my jabberocky pocket.

Maybe I am one, but-” I felt suddenly ashamed of all the jabbberwocky I’d ever said to Smiley that I knew he wouldn’t understand. I was really scared.

Then I went back inside and I was cowardly enough to do a ridiculous thing. I think – it may not be as bad as jabberwoocky think right now. I said, “The Roman candle department!

Smith, let’s drink to the author of the Alice books. Now there wasn’t even that. And Hank Ganzer, in the sheriff’s office, would relay the story to the state police and there was probably better than an even chance that they’d be caught within an hour or two. Literary background or not, you’re a little crazy, but you’re a good guy. I don’t know anything about concussion, but I thought that was a good sign and felt ganzdr.

I just wasn’t thinking at all. He poured a shot for me and, so I wouldn’t have to drink alone, a short one for himself. About the only thing that was anywhere jbaberwocky the right size was the story that Clyde Andrews, Carmel City’s banker and leading light of ganzfr local Baptist Church, had given me about the rummage sale the church had planned for next Tuesday evening.

A quite esoteric one. I heard Clyde Andrews open the door for Hank and jzbberwocky that everything was all right, that someone had phoned him, too, that the night light was out and that he’d just got here to check up and that the bulb had merely burned out.

Where’d you get your version of the story? The burglar – or, for all I knew, burglars – might be just starting his work on the safe in there.