She is one of the most recognized and popular actresses in the contemporary Polish film industry. How It’s Done, dir. The most truthful and most moving film about Polish economic migration. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. This is one of the very few films made after that is truly political. Their fate reflects the unhappiness of many Poles who were forced to leave by the country’s economic situation. In order for trains from Poland to be able to enter the territory of former Soviet Union states, they need to enter a special hall where workmen exchange the chassis of the trains’ carriages. Little do they know that this phone call is going to change their lives.

In , she made her come-back to theater after a long-term absence. Their grandson, who lives in Austria, comes to accompany the grandparents in difficult moments. On Christmas Eve he gets an on-air phone call from Doris, frustrated and complaining about the lack of love in her life. Soon, they have to admit defeat for a second time. Brilliantly filmed extremely sad story. Lurking on the fringes of the festivities like some malevolent spider is district prosecutor Andrzej Kostrzewa Janusz Gajos.

Halina badgers Iwonka who identifies various putative fathers, each of whom proves not to be the one. Learn more More Like This.

These collective farming enterprises often provided work for the entire village. Justyna Luszcz Malgorzata Zajaczkowska Dominik over time loses contact with the real world more and more belonging to a virtual world.

It was all arranged by dealer Gruby who plans a heist of the famous Just like Wajda, Smarzowski keenly reviews all of the Polish national myths, performing a vivisection of Polish fantasies on the silver screen.


One day, he witnessed a strange situation – during a screening of Woody Allen’s Purple Rose of Cairothe cinematic heroes begin to live a life of their own – they stop sticking to the script and they start to incite the cinema audience to rebel with them.

Post Share on Facebook. Fuck For Forest, dir. When the countries of Western Europe opened themselves up to Polish workers, nearly 2 million Poles left the country in search of a better life. Duda’s film also played a role in changing the politicians’ perception of former PGR workers.

She is one of the most recognized and popular actresses in the contemporary Polish film industry. Movie Info The story behind creating Polish hip-hop group Paktofonika.

Modest editor, has shipped his wife and kids for the weekend, and is trying to relax in his house at the outskirts of Warsaw. The next day, at the hospital he is visited by his son Pawel and a teenage grandson Maciek. Now, in her late teens, she makes her first life choices. Life Above All Nad Zycie. Usually cast as blond bombshells, prostitutes, and wives of richmen, she has recently changed her image radically in favor of more mature characters, very often sorrowful and embittered.

Tadeusz Sobolewski’s review for Wyborcza read: Although they really want to rebel, they don’t quite know what to rebel against.


These problems overlap with his parents, always absent in the house and at their jobs. Brilliantly filmed extremely sad story. Suicide Room Sala Samobojcow Dominik Santorski, is a sensitive and a little lost teenager, the son of wealthy, success driven, parents. Wojciech Marczewski, — The end of censorship as the beginning of a difficult freedom A scene from the film Escape From the “Liberty” Cinema dir. Soon Emilia leaves her home to live with her lover. Suicide Room Sala Samobojcow.


The World of Politics and New Divisions

While telling the story of a former SB communist secret service officer forced to construct his life anew, Pasikowski depicted the dilemma faced by many Poles after the fall of communism in Marczewski told a onlins about the need for freedom.

In one of the scenes, the censor’s assistant asks his boss what the rebellious crowds wanted, and he replied “They want freedom. Magik’s mother Magdalena Kacprzak Add the first question.

Contact for Reception ticket information. Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze.

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Wojcieszek blends an anarchistic tone with a positivist message, while convincing viewers that it’s possible to create a place to live a life of one’s own in Poland.

Edit Storyline The process of creating Polish hip-hop group Paktofonika, its highs and lows and very last days of life of its frontman and co-founder Piotr Magik Luszcz.

Edit Cast Credited cast: Figura was born in WarsawPoland. Escape From the “Liberty” Cinemadir. Natalia fritters what little money she has managed to borrow on flamboyant outfits.

The two decide to find her and bring her home…. Dawid Ogrodnik as Sebastian Salbert “Rahim”. The minister Barabara Labuda set up a special team which was to develop a strategy to help villages similar to Pietrasze.