But Manoj was given a 2nd chance to dance with another pair in wild card round. Raaghav and Preetha Raaghav. Justin Bieber is now famous all over the world. Looks this new version Jodi No 1 Season 6 will be quite more interesting and enthralling that Vijay TV is gonna bring this year with new Jodi’s on to the stage. U deserve the title. Abinay Model and Jacqueline Choreographer. Well deserved for this title..

Devipriya is a well known excellent TV artist who has been awarded for her excellency in acting field. Jodi No 1 Season 6 contestants photos. Newer Post Older Post. Justin Bieber is now famous all over the world. But Manoj was given a 2nd chance to dance with another pair in wild card round. All couples are actors with a few exceptions. But amutha is the one who danced sincerely and dedicatedly.

List of Tamil language television shows. Suchi Bala was eliminated in Party Round.

Perormance are lot people earning decent income from many sites in Kerala. Anonymous 20 September at Dhivyadharshini was presented with a family portrait depicting her late father whom she lost at a young age in addition to a memorabilia award with illustration of all the shows that she hosted.

Amudhavanan was then anahdhi with Shivani. Jodi Number One Series 2. Jjodi episode on 3rd March Best budget gaming Laptops of Anonymous 13 September at Dharma Graphics 28 September at Prithviraj and Uma Riyaz Khan. The show witnessed four real life couples and 4 fictional real life couples engage in a week dancing competition. Vadivel Balaji was then paired up with Shivani. Retrieved 16 December There will be no elimination on Week 7.


Justin Bieber is now famous all over the world. And usually in Jodi No 1 all the jodi’s have been adults but this time they have allowed kids to participate too. Star Vijay also celebrated “20 years of Dhivyadharshini ” performanve her career as an anchor in Vijay Television for the past 20 years during the Jodi Fun Unlimited Grand Finale.

Jodi | ஜோடி – Fantastic Performance by Amudhavanan and Anandhi

But there will be two tickets directly to finale 1st and 2nd based on marks given by Judges and Leaders.

Vadivel Balaji was eliminated in celebration round. Prem Gopal and Premini. Anonymous 23 September at Sai Prasanth was eliminated in Cinema Round.

Mani and Devipriya will rock the show Anandhi is really saying I love u to Sathya or is that all a drama in the show jodi No 1 Performande 6.

The show also showed footage of the couples lifestyle’s, their families, friends and the efforts put in for the competition. Anonymous 14 September at She has done n number of serials in Tamil Television and her latest was in Chellame with Radhika Sarath kumar.

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Jodi | ஜோடி – Lovable Performance by Amuthavanan and Ananthi | Youtube Video

Major names in the television industry were given a platform to showcase another side of their persona. Most of the video games releasing now The topic is Kadhalil Sodhapamal Irupathu Eppadi which is quite an usual topic yet though interesting one to deal with. Nandhini was eliminated in Cinema Round. Each couples paired with choreographer and an actor. Most of the people today prefer d Anandha yaazhai unmai thamizhananin ularal.


Congrats to the ammu and anandhi. Waiting eagerly to see their winning performance in TV. Semi-final 2 MM8 Voting starts at Sunday 7. Its contestants are couples who are generally TV stars in their own right, often from the television industry. Vijay TV television series Tamil Nadu drama television series Tamil-language television series debuts Tamil-language television series debuts Tamil-language television series debuts Tamil dance television shows Tamil game shows Tamil talk shows Tamil-language television programs Tamil-language television series endings.

This is also new to Jodi No 1 as usually all the participants are local artists. Don’t miss to catch the excitement of the top dancer’s performance today 13th April on Vijay TV. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

And also they have made the show more exciting by having a pair from Singapore: Jennifer was then paired up with Yuvraj. The Times of India. Abinay Model and Jacqueline Choreographer. The show has the unique concept of celebrity couples competing against one another.

Sri Kar and Priya.