The following year, , both Hirotada and Nobuhide passed away, leaving the Matsudaira leaderless and the already splintered Oda weakened. Though for obvious reasons strongly associated with Edo, Ieyasu in fact spent four out of the first five years of his hegemony, this crucial time of securing his control, organizing fief transfers, and so forth, in Osaka and Kyoto. The Hidden Fortress This Week’s Top Trailers. Having thus begun to make a name for himself, in he petitioned the court to allow him to change his name to Tokugawa, a request that was granted and so from this point he became known as Tokugawa Ieyasu. In that instance, Motoyasu had brought in much-needed supplies to a beleaguered fort by tricking the bulk of the attackers into marching away to face a non-existent enemy army. At the same time, Tokugawa Ieyasu had another legacy – never before had Japan been as socially rigid, nor had the common man and woman had so little control over their own lives.

To placate Nobunaga, Ieyasu executed Lady Tsukiyama, and later his son Nobuyasu, as Ieyasu was sure that Nobuyasu would seek revenge for Lady Tsukiyama’s wrongful death. The Kagemusha is just a tool and after he is of no use he is left as a possible death in the Warring States. Though Toyotomi Hideyori and his supporters remained alive, and would a decade later become or, remain the chief remaining threat to Tokugawa hegemony, at this early stage, Ieyasu was still in a position to operate out of Osaka castle , and to claim some degree of authority as one of Hideyoshi’s named and sworn regents for the young Hideyori. The collection was divided between the Kii, Mito, Owari, and shogunal houses, with some objects being interned with Ieyasu in his grave. You are commenting using your WordPress. At once fair and heartless, Ieyasu was a veteran of countless battles and a life fraught with vicissitudes that included the forced suicide of his eldest son and the execution of his first wife. In Katsuyori surrounded Nagashino castle in Mikawa, and when word reached Ieyasu, he called on Nobunaga for help.

The question of accepting Imagawa rule had been a source of controversy among the leaders of the Matsudaira clan for many years, and had in fact contributed to the murder of Hirotada’s father Matsudaira Kiyoyasu in Takechiyo’s life in the Imagawa castle was not unpleasant; despite being a “hostage,” he was raised alongside Imagawa sons, and trained and educated in the ways of samurai lords.


His worries for the health of his granddaughter Hideyori’s widow when she fell after the fall of Osaka Castle is touching in that one can see no real motive other then grandfatherly concern.

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Start your free trial. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Ieyasu’s heir Hidetada with 36, men had unwisely chosen to dally about in Shinano attempting bring down Ueda while around the same number of ‘western’ samurai were too far away to aid in the fight.

On paper, the deal was an exceedingly good one: While this succession would have been unusual for a man in Tokugawa’s position, it was actually a brilliant long-term plan. Following a well established Japanese pattern, he would continue to be an influential adviser to his son behind the scenes until his death. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Edit Storyline When a powerful warlord in medieval Japan dies, a poor thief recruited to impersonate him finds difficulty living up to his role and clashes with the spirit of the warlord during turbulent times in the kingdom.

I’m downloading this but will have to wait to view it along with Once Upon a Time in Tokyo until I have more time to devote to jdramas.

Kagemusha (1980): A Story of War, Purpose and the State

Ieyasu left Uesugi to be contained by the Date and Mogami, and led an army westward in October. If you do that, nothing can harm us.

The key was Kobayakawa Hideaki. Even the Matsudaira name still indicated nobility, whereas Toyotomi’s peasant origin did him no favors. The Iieyasu — There are two major battles we get in this.

Notable people under the rule of Ieyasu

In springthe Tokugawa joined Nobunaga in finally invading and destroying the Takeda. He was an atheist who was a patron to Jesuit Missionaries, he wore Western Garb and drank wine from Spain but also was a huge supporter of the arts within Japan.

Popular opinion began to favor a ruler with an air of nobility like Tokugawa over a peasant-born ruler like Toyotomi. Meanwhile, Motoyasu began accompanying Imagawa Yoshimoto on military campaigns, beginning in ; these chiefly involved fighting against the Oda on the Imagawa’s behalf.


He also learned the Yagyu Shinkage-Ryuu style of swordsmanship from Yagyu Jubei Muneyoshi was his teacher, and Munenori became his retainer. Kurosawa is a master director and this film is a classic for a reason. Masayuki Ieyawu does a good job in the role, I just wish we could have dama more. As soon as he was reunited with his ieyssu and son, Motoyasu was free to make any moves he wished without hindrance.

Hideyori protested, and Ieyasu ultimately revoked his peace offer. Indeed, Ieyasu was hardly the only one who began mustering troops and otherwise preparing for war following Hideyoshi’s death – most warlords across the realm were doing the same.

He was allowed to return to Mikawa the following year, and his earliest extant writings relate elements of this trip, during which he was able for the first time to visit drams father’s grave. Vrama Download Audio Books. Search for ” Kagemusha ” on Amazon. He overcomes difficulties and attempts to create a world where everyone can live freely and safely.

Notify me of new posts via email. With the defeat of his army and the Tokugawa pouring through Osaka’s gates, Hideyori and his mother committed suicide. Soon the Takeda and Tokugawa would be at war. While Saito Dosan had once said that he who controls Sekigahara controls Japan, this was simply where the two sides had the most room to maneuver.

Ieyasu was staying in Sakai Settsu province when Nobunaga was killed by Akechi Mitsuhide in June and narrowly escaped with his own life back to Drmaa. Keep tokuggawa of everything you watch; tell your friends. The dynasty Ieyasu had created was exceedingly solid, with three sub-branches the KiiOwariand Mito maintained for the sole purpose of providing an heir should the main branch fail to produce one. Motonobu also changed his name to Motoyasu around this time.

Tokugawa was largely staggered out in a valley, with his forward units dangerously exposed to encirclement.