You are commenting using your Facebook account. Kidulthood has received a generally positive critical response. It is an excellent piece of film-making with a cracking script, fine performances and imaginative direction. The characters are so horrible that had they killed them off one-by-one a la Final Destination – instead of messing about with a laughable Romeo and Juliet plot Pffffttt! Share your thoughts with other customers. Kidulthood explores the lives of teenagers in London in Huda’s interesting and controversial British drama. Yes No Report this.

We need more of this fresh and inventive approach to film making. If the film was spaced out for about a week or two it would be more believable. Becky makes demands of Alisa to buy a cheaper dress, before the pair meet up with the boys. Utterly selfish and shallow, many may think that these kids deserve nothing from society they abuse at every turn. Although i have heard that in real life he is more like Sam than the those other characters mentioned. In general Kidulthood is a deep , dark , depressing look on the darker side of London’s youth and by looking at it one will walk away probably wanting to take a look back at his life and see where is his or her future heading for.

Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. A day in the life of a group of troubled year-olds growing up in west London.

Do these kids deserve better from society? I saw this for the first time recently, and simply had to comment even though the film is a few years old. The director of Kidulthood does a masterful job giving us a vision of the urban hell-hole that we have all come to know!

Kidulthood is highly recommended film by not only my-self but several other movie lovers and I shall very likely purchase this when it hits the DVD’S. Yes, to a certain extent, people in London ‘ghettos’ do speak like the actors in the film but the dialogue was simply appalling.

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It has a fine soundtrack, too, including some notable work from Mike Skinner and The Streets. I found the slang spoken by the yerman slightly hard to comprehend although it was very accurate. Doesn’t deserve too much negative criticism as its a genre I’m interested in.

Visually fast paced, using sliding split-screen and cinema scope, married to the creme of British gangster rap, this looks great, hiding it’s indie roots and looking more like Steven Soderberg’s ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ than Larry Clark’s ‘Kids’. One star for the teenage actors, and no stars for anything else. It doesn’t get much realer. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. Some of the acting isn’t good, a bit over the top, but Jamie Winstone and Rebecca Martin were decent.


It was a bit disappointing mainly because I was pleased to see a film like oidulthood being released but it didn’t live up to its full potential, Music on the film was fine as was the acting but the story was pretty basic and you didn’t feel much for the characters despite how real they seemed The reviewers and newspapers simply cannot handle the pure honesty of it, its gritty, British and true. Jay, convinced that Kudulthood baby is Sam’s, informs her that Trevor wants nothing to do with her although he does still care about her.

Although i have heard that in real life he is more like Kidu,thood than the those other characters mentioned. As a black girl living in London, I saw how this film portrayed kidulthood life.

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One wonders if they can get any better than this. If the film was spaced out for about a week or two it would be more believable. This is the worst film that I full seen in years! Firstly, it hangs on the tails of the ‘Broken Britain’ ful myth that is perpetrated and propagated by the likes of the Daily Mail. But they still avoid the gangs wearing their hoodies up and jeans round their knees. Here is my thinking: The name is catchy but could be better.

Notify me of new posts via email. In the scenes at the beginning, in the school, I could relate fully to the events. Kidulthood explores the lives of teenagers in London in Huda’s interesting and kiduulthood British drama. Outside, Sam beats down both Trevor and Jay, whilst intimidating Moony into not interfering. Trevor desperately tries to call Alisa, but is unsuccessful in doing so.

The lives of four drug dealers, one user and two prostitutes. Do I get a star, miss? There is some confusion over who the father is, and this inspires the noble Trife — the recipient of the call and the father – to tell her to eff off.


Use the HTML below. A pretty teenage girl is bullied, punched with a bone shattering crunch as her attacker screams at her to pick up the ring that flew off her finger, Claire is intimidated by her fll by him warning that he’ll tell everyone she is a lousy lay and that’s the clean version with personal hygiene issues, fukl she pathetically begs him to stop; it’s certainly not a film kidulthood those seeking a rose-coloured view of society.

Trevor dies before the ambulance and police arrive. By using this site, you agree mivie the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

However that Ladies and Gents is only the sugar coated toppingthere is another world underneath that what is known to most of us who grew up on the streets of London as the real world. Views Read Edit View history.


Curtis then orders Trevor to carve a “C” into Andreas’ face with a Stanley knife in order to test him. What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? Kidulthood doesn’t come close to being as good as the likes of city of god or La haine, but its a kidultyood acted drama that I have to commend for trying to show a side of London that many other local films choose to ignore.

ful Do they a represent a threat to society itself? Becky accidentally reveals that Alisa is pregnant, information that the bullies promise to spread around school in an effort to humiliate Alisa. Related News Win tickets to premiere of The Intent 2: Sold by Amazon Video Limited. One of my favourite films as a teen and still love it now.

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The performances in the main are some what workman like however two performances stand out, that of Aml Ameen Trife and Jamie Winstone Becky.

I look at schools on the telly and wish that I do not have to call gernan ‘blud’.