Also, major secrets are revealed about the characters and their love lives. Open Water 12 years ago. Delko finds that an ex-lover is disturbing any woman who he is now close to. According to Peter, however, the substance got on Claire’s thigh because she was teaching him how to dance. Shock 12 years ago. The only witness to the crime is a

Her boss, Alyssa Prince, knows what the substance could be but can’t reveal it to the CSIs, as they are currently waiting FDA approval on a new drug, and any information leaked out could cripple the company. Local prisoners are brought in as free manpower to help fight the wild When Horatio is tipped off that his team is facing a surprise efficiency review, he must trust Calleigh, Eric, and Ryan to work together to find the killer. List of the best CSI: Find more episode info in the Episode Guide. I am a servant of the taxpayers, Memmo.

Stetler, from Internal Affairs, investigates and the case quickly gets personal when Horatio gets involved. Meanwhile, Marisol has a difficult decision to make and Horatio helps her. The search for a young abducted girl is triggered, and Horatio tells Delko of Marisol and his plans. The Score Ep 12 Jan 9, Did he accidentally shoot a kid at one point? The team must find out who the real killer was to clear Alexx.

After fleeing the crash site, the man goes on a killing spree and abducts a college student. The only strange thing about the case is the murder weapon: Soon the husband turns out to be the ideal suspect.

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The evidence turns up more information and another body. Meanwhile, Ryan must deal with the ncohe after he freezes during a shootout. The Mala Noche gang trial is obstructed when the defendant goes free with the help of the witness who is testifying.


To try and find the woman the team must first figure out whom the kidnapped woman was trying to call in the first place.

The Mala Noche Hit ‘Miami’ Again In ‘Silencer’

I only worry about when the Mala Noche start to do some real damage Shock 12 years ago. With all the amazing episodes of the show that exist, it’s hard to trust just one person’s opinion of what the top CSI: The CSI team soon learns that mindset of the neighborhood could lead to any of community wanting the man gone. The CSI’s are called out to investigate the murder of a young woman who was about to sign her divorce papers.

Last Stand 20 Feb 7. The Score 13 years ago. Nicholas Chandler Sophie Winkleman Now, as the CSIs fear that justice may not be served, new evidence suggests that the nlche may have actually practiced on another victim first, and Horatio believes that CSIs may be able to get the husband retried under different grounds.

She will remain with the series through the 10th season. The team must find the connection between the two crime scenes; the killing of a drug dealer and the rape of a well-off family’s housekeeper who happens to be niami. The fourth season of CSI: Felix Medina David Fumero Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Episoxes 12 years ago.

Horatio’s old nemesis Memmo Fiero returns to Miami to take over Mala Noche from the people who were in charge while he was in prison. When a hit ordered by the Mala Noche nkche on Horatio finds the people he Three-Way Ep 5 Oct 17, Natalia is surprised when Ryan asks for Delko’s permission to take her out on a date. During this intense murder investigation Natalia must confess a secret in order for the case to be solved.


Also, Calleigh makes a major decision concerning her job. Trivia This is the first appearance of the character “Natalia Boa Vista”. When Horatio is tipped off that his team is facing a surprise efficiency review, he must trust Calleigh, Eric, and Ryan to work together to find the killer. From the Grave 19 Sep When the evidence leads to a suspect, governmental red tape puts an Miami – Season 2 Horatio investigates the murder of a model intentionally run down outside of a Miami hotel by a driver who fled the scene.

We’ll assume this is okay if you continue to use this episodse. The team must find out who the real killer was to clear Alexx. Could Claire’s death be connected to these blogs? The series stars David Caruso and Emily Procter.

Miami seasons American television seasons American television seasons. I am a servant of the taxpayers, Memmo.

Last Stand

If Jose has ulterior motives for being there we’ll never find out, and though no one around them hears the gunshots, they can’t ignore the gunshot wounds on Jose and Claire as they hit the floor. Urban Hellraisers 13 years ago. Horatio and the team, reunited, encounter the Mala Noche gang while investigating a shooting that killed an eppisodes and the rape of a maid.

Driven Ep 19 Mar 20, Silencer Ep 13 Jan 23, Dead Air Ep 21 Apr 24,