Killer instinct ticks all the boxes i require in a movie like this. Richet has undertaken a brave and bold project which has been met with generally positive reviews, and rightly so, it is just a desire of the viewer to experience more than a director simply opening a book and retelling the words from within. Portland Oregonian – Shawn Levy. Add the first question. Cassel is so convincing in being a mad bastard. The film tells about his rise in crime, and how he became one of the most wanted criminals in France’s history. Episode one creates the foundation of Jacques Mesrine’s character; from his youth as a dedicated soldier serving in the Algerian war to his seduction by the neon glamour of Sixties Paris and the easy money it presents.

The film tells about his rise in crime, and how he became one of the most wanted criminals in France’s history. It shows that the production team wasn’t willing to go all the way, or didn’t have the means to do so. He may be a gangster, who violently casts aside his wife for his friends, but this is a man of principle, albeit criminal principle. He obviously loves his children doting on them in one scene but in another he smashes a glass in a man’s face and beats and leaves a journalist for dead after he wrote a disparaging article about him. No, he is cold-blooded to the bone, there is no need to pretend he may have a heart. The second part shows him playing the role, a media-savvy public icon who would seek front page coverage and give Paris Match an exclusive interview while on the run.

Jacques Mesrine – was a well-known French criminal, getting himself a name for robbing banks and a number of murders. After escaping instiinct courtroom and kidnapping the judge at gunpoint, Mesrine is declared Public Enemy Number One and is eventually condemned to a maximum security prison where he writes his first memoirs, establishing himself as a household name and anti-hero across France.

Well, aside from the fact that no “big screen” has shown this film, and that all viewings have been in smaller independent picture houses reserved for the cine-literate, the tongue-in- cheek answer is no. But in the end who cares? The Oscar nominee reflects on his memorable appearance on ” Game of Thrones ,” and teases his Star Wars role.


Ultimately feels more like a collection of cool subtitlew than a story.

Jan 16, Rating: That’s what I loved the most in this film. Although I think it difficult to judge the historical precision of its plot, this very French film surely makes a good watch. There is so much jammed into the runtime that nothing is allowed to breath or given time to evolve. After a troubling time soldiering in the Algerian War, Jacques returns to Paris, unstinct before long his imstinct of dissatisfaction takes charge of him and he accepts a friend’s offer of ‘off-the-book work’, i.

With the army training him in torture and murder, Mesrine rose through the ranks of the criminal elite early, embracing friends and colleagues in order to become a petty thief and armed robber.

Returning to the more 20088 side that has been left pretty much unexplored since La Haine, he digs into Mesrine’s dark psyche and re-emerges with a complex, chilling part that makes him deserving of the his widespread reputation as one of France’s best young thespians.

The film never drags even while he is on the lam instinvt Canada and the U. Le harki Sofiane Benrazzak He has an ill-fated romance with a prostitute and a holiday romance that becomes a marriage following a sojourn to Spain. He is described as an anti hero for the French but all I witnessed was him beating his wife in front of his kids, killing people, threatening innocent people in the banks.

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I didn’t even really like the movie. Every once in a while a part comes along that is cast so well it’s as if the actor was born to play and will forever be remembered for that role. The film, told in two parts, opens with a brilliant seventies cop style feel and begins at the end before returning us to the start where we see a young Mesrine in the army fighting in the Algerian war, on his return to his native Paris he quickly becomes entangled with Guido a mafia boss played superbly by Gerard Depardieu why had no one cast him in this kind of role before?

Or, of course, a relentlessly tense and truly audacious jailbreak.


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Cassel is so convincing in being a mad bastard. This feeling crops up right from the get-go as the opening credits involve Mesrine and his partner, played by Ludivine Sagnier, engaged in a job. Munin75 17 August Here the pace of the film changes.

Maybe I am wrong, but that’s how it looks. Mental feelings change on a whim often as Mesrine will be happily at home in love with wife and kids and all of a sudden, when his job is lost, becomes abusive and screams he’d pick his friends over his family any day of the week.

Time flew so fast when was watching the film, and now i just can’t wait for the follow up which should arrive in This prison and escape sequence is anchors the film.

Other moments include a dual bank robbery, back to back and across the street; a Bonnie and Clyde type hold-up; and a fantastic kidnapping where he tries to tell the hostage it’s his own fault. Mesrine manages a daring prison escape and even attempts to break back into the same prison to keep a promise of helping other prisoners escape. Killer Instinct boasts a dark tone with a riveting story, and at moments, you may be sitting subtigles the edge of your seat, but by the end, you’ll be wondering what the point of the film was and end up not caring to figure it out.

The score is terrific and Mr.

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Mentored by Guido Gerald Depardieu Mesrine turns his msrine on middle class law-abiding and soon moves swiftly up the criminal ladder. Alain Fromager as Journalist. It shows the life leading up to his infamous prison break and subsequent crime spree. Chris Knipp 23 February Part 1, Killer subitles. Mentored by Guidothe handsome and charming Mesrine soon works his way up the criminal ladder, and flees to Canada with his lover Jeanne having pulled off an audacious heist.