I never learned to flip-turn. I need some time to mull over how I really feel about Michelle, mmkay. Everyone coos at how romantical it all is. And I hate chores. Is it really difficult to see where this is going? I was constantly talking to them and though it is hard to see when you first look at them, I think they are perfect for each other.

How cool was that when Kasey went to sulk in a gutter after Vienna accused him of yapping too much while trying to campaign for Michael and Holly to pick them to stay in the Final Four?! I did what every other guy and girl do when they meet each other on a TV show or not. Also, she crushes on Kalon. Anyway, Blakeley goes back to gushing about her relationship with Tony. More amazing lines of his: Did no one explain the show to him? And he played that part of the game brilliantly.

Perhaps they will join forces later to kill Erica Rose? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Tagged as abcamesbachelor padchris harrisonellaericagiaguard and protect your hearthollyhot tubjakekaseykirkmeilssamichael staglianomichellethe most least dramatic rose ceremony everviennawilliam. We look back on her journey on the show ,which is basically just her macking down with Ed the whole time. Jaclyn pretends to be friends with Blakeley and Rachel but hates both of them.


Michael Stagliano’s ‘Bachelor Pad’ Blog: It’s Cutthroat!

I still love that girl. Well, to be more specific, I gave up on recapping the past two episodes. Refresh your page, login and try again. I feel like this obsession of mine merits two hours of precious time I will never get back. Of course I watched.

The girl and guy with the best scores get roses and dates, while the losers get an extra vote against them at the rose ceremony. Still speaks with a weird, guttural monotone. Filed under bachelor pad recap.

I was constantly talking to them and though it is hard to see when you first look at them, I think they are perfect for each other. I think it is a situation that has an explanation. But I am already disappointed.

I have no idea why people admit that on this show. Then Jamie calls Jaclyn fake. You may use these HTML tags bachelr attributes: It does not make you desirable, it freaks people out. Let me tell you, that would be one of my favourite dates of the season.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And Michael seems like he needs to love on a nice girl. I liked micbael her, so I kissed her. I understand why he made that decision, and can recognize why he thought it was the right choice to make. Micjael gets down on one knee, with a stunning Neil Lane diamond in tow naturallyand asks Blakeley to be his wife.


Am I alone in thinking it unfair that a crucial elimination result should have hinged on arbitrary, subjective and non-expert analysis?

You can read about that here. You are posting comments too quickly.

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap/Review

Did I call that or what?! Blake is excited to have his first kiss with Holly. Sorry, comments are currently closed. What the hell episodf I watching?! Her partner, Nick, tells us that he managed to stay out of the drama and play a clean game, unlike his opponent, Chris, who figuratively—and physically—screwed just about everybody in the house. I have no idea why epsode how this chick got on. Michael explains that he had no intention of leading Rachel on, despite the fact that they got down at the local Marriott just weeks ago.

I am in a relationship. She means the world to me. My mother-in-law and I both cringe.

Get the Parade Daily: Email Address never made public. I am sorry Erica and I hope we can put the past behind us.