I strongly suggest that you don’t talk about mating with Cha Dae Woong in the future. She is shown to be very obedient to Dae-woong’s grandfather and to have feelings for Ban Doo Hong, which she is unable to express and, subsequently, she often ends up making a fool of herself while in his presence. TV Shows and Other Entertainments. Articles containing Thai-language text Articles containing Korean-language text Articles with incomplete citations from November All articles with incomplete citations Articles with Korean-language external links HanCinema film ID same as Wikidata. Then what if my wish is concealing it from Hae In noona, will you help me achieve that? He ends up trying to keep her happy mostly by buying her meat, especially beef, her favorite food and hide the fact that she is a gumiho from others.

Cha Dae-woong Lee Seung-gi is a normal college student, with ambitions of becoming an action star. It’s already been years, but this type of problem still arises. I’ve always wanted to put blush on my face and pretend to get married. Unni, is this the couple ring that you’re wearing with Dae Woong? Talking behind people’s back, harming intentionally, spreading rumors. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. Windows 8 Latest K. She becomes Dae-woong’s girlfriend and tries to mold their relationship into that of a normal girlfriend-boyfriend.


There don’t seem to be any problems, so they’re still going to film the movie. Later, Dae-woong falls in love with Mi ho. Though the two once had strong feelings for each other, Dae-woong loses interest and starts ignoring her when he finds out she was using him.

TV Shows and Other Entertainments. This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat Threatening to eat me, twgalog me to buy meat for her to eat.

Episode 22 – My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

Between you who’s wearing noona’s ring and me who gave you that ring. Free Antivirus They are the comic version of lovers in the story, and they eventually do pair up. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If there are drumsticks this big, then wouldn’t the wings be as big as this room? She dreamed of becoming a human, but was unable to find the necessary human husband after a rumor was spread that she would eat their livers.


I don’t want mosquitoes to bite you, so I kill mosquitoes every day. Mi-ho and Dae-woong thus fall in love without knowing the consequences of fulfilling her goal: He gielfriend great concern over Dae-woong’s ability to make good choices, though he eventually accepts his dream of becoming an actor after seeing him mature—as shown by Dae-woong’s care for and acceptance of responsibility for Mi Ho, whom the grandfather is fond of.

Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles. In front of the school there’s a newly- opened Chinese restaurant, let’s go there. From what I can see, this problem is very difficult to overcome. So, I wasn’t able to get married before I tirlfriend locked up in that painting.

Cha Dae Woong is like lightning. He is very fond of Dae-woong’s acting skills and favors him greatly. She knew that Cha Dae Woong got into an accident, she’s just too much! Cha Dae-woong Lee Seung-gi is a normal college student, with ambitions of girlfriebd an action star. And when she reclaims girlfriehd bead, she will become human. Dong-joo tells Mi-ho that episdoe be able to turn human if she follows these instructions: In the future, I’m going to spread out my tails and live diligently.

Doo Hong is obsessed with action stars generally, and in particular with the Hong Kong star Chow Yun Fat, whom he constantly caricatures.

There are a lot of people looking verion her, drooling with greed. Woong, because I didn’t let you continue talking to that woman, are you angry?

Deep Freeze Standard 7. Then what if my wish is concealing it from Hae In noona, will you help me achieve that? I was afraid that you’d want to mate with her and run off with her. Usually when you’re landing on one foot, your ankle will crack and break. She has feelings for Dae-woong, though she is shown to accept Mi ho is his girlfriend and even be friends with her. We’ll film a movie that will shatter people’s perception of gumihos.


She’s my very close hoobae whom I haven’t seen in a long time. And then my body started to heat up. Once she does this, her supernatural self will start to die, gradually.

Unni, is this the couple ring that you’re wearing with Dae Woong? Gumiho isn’t any different from before, even when she’s drunk. Mi-ho wants nothing more than vrsion become human, so they strike a deal: He has another girlfriend already!

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Interestingly, most of Min Sook’s and Doo Hong’s scenes together involve accidents or embarrassing physical situations like the flatulence.

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That’s a storage room. You can’t show your tails or anything just because you’re too excited. You definitely can’t let anyone else know that you’re not a student. Slowly, however, he becomes less scared of her and more protective of her—finally admitting to himself and to girpfriend that he loves her.