Caressed by Ice September Night Shift by Nalini Singh. Contact me General question? Monthly Newsletter Join to receive exclusive updates and free short stories that won’t be posted online for at least six months! Shelve Housewarming at the Orchard. Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh.

Play of Passion Deleted scene from chapter 7 on Shield of Winter. A short story free on author’s website. Blaze of Memory 9. Rowan by Nalini Singh. Short Story in the Psy-Changeling Series. The Song of the Wolf by Nalini Singh.

Texture of Intimacy Stand-alone eBook November Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh. Caressed By Ice 3. Serid what draws you to your particular choice? Bonds of Justice Shelve Hostage to Pleasure. Click the link in your confirmation email and the Welcome short stories will arrive automatically. Shards of Hope June In his position as tracker for the SnowDancer pac… More.

And what draws you to your particular choice? This story slots in before Bonds of Justice and f… More. Shield of Winter This text was originally written as a continuatio… More.


Shelve Kiss of Snow. Echo of Silence by Nalini Singh. Flirtation of Fate by Nalini Singh. Stand alone short story in the psy changeling ser… More. Short story featured in Nalini Camboantes newsletter… More.

The Song of the Wolf by Nalini Singh. This standalone nslini story features two characte… More. Separated from her son and forced to create a neu… More. Shelve Dancing with Cooper. Appearances Coming soon to a bookstore or event near you?

Shelve The Song of the Wolf. Shelve The Cannibal Princess. Slave to Sensation 1. Still can’t see it? Branded By Fire 8.

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Rowan by Nalini Singh. A deleted scene from Branded by Fire. Night Shift by Nalini Singh. Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh. As a result, at the beginning of the series, they have lived for over a hundred years under a protocol called Silence, which conditions them to eliminate their emotions.

Baubles and Ben by Nalini Singh. Heart of Obsidian June However, nakini gifts come with a price—they drive the Psy to insanity and murderous violence. An Enchanted Season October Visions of Heat 3.


Popular Psi Cambiantes Books

Deleted scene from chapter 7 on Shield of Winter. The Psy are cold, detached, and do not have relationships based in emotion. Declaration of Courtship Stand-alone eBook November Nalini Singh explores new heights of sensuality,… More.

New Year’s Kisses by Nalini Singh. Whisper of Sin by Nalini Singh.

Psy-Changeling Series by Maggie Shayne

Drop Ashwini an email. Romancing Drew by Nalini Singh.

Shelve Shield of Winter.