Please enable cookies in your browser to experience all the features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. Meaningful plot, great actors, what more could you ask for? He was natural and full of vigor and I could feel the excitement just watching him act. Nobuta wo Produce has given us some of the most memorable characters in Asian television, and personally my favorite teenagers ever: The supporting cast of the high school classmates and the staff were all good as well. What to do, what to do?

I like the main cast and characters very much especially Akira xD. This is a must watch, if you can still identify with high school students, or want to go back to those younger years ;. In front of my friends, I’m always smiling and funny. It wasn’t easy for me to predict the outcomes like I had been able to do in other dramas I have seen prior to this one. It was entertaining enough to keep me coming back and watching, and overall, I enjoyed it. Please understand that you may find out about this drama’s endings and plots!

Most shocking to learn that this drama got the best drama award After Episode 5, his part to play in her story ends rather abruptly; I would have gooddrrama to see some closure between them in later episodes.

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Of course I started watch it because of Kame and Kame’s one reason that makes this drama so goodbut now I have come to like the other characters too But if you’re not a fan girl or boy and want to watch some great acting and plot. However, the story was slow to progress and wasn’t as emotionally intense as some of the other dramas I’ve seen. But inside, I get easily depressed and I feel loneliness painfully.

Drama Review Part 2: I could have really screamed over as the two guys swan off to another school and leave the wild pig on her own despite one of them loving her and despite this supposedly fantastic friendship they have made between them. People think this way about such and such and Nobuta is there to offer the contrary and it works. It was an almost-sad, but satisfyingly happy ending.


The task is daunting, but promises to make high school history should it succeed. Picture a busy city intersection where three youngsters part ways silently, awkwardly, against the rich warm glow of the setting sun. Come on guys, this drama really is not that great! Shuji tells Nobuko to have a more positive attitude, and he protects Nobuko from the harassment. Email required Address never made public. Her lunch gets ruined, she gets a vase of flowers on her deskmeaning she had died, and she even gets water splashed while she is in the toilet booth.

Kusano follows Kiritani to his new hometown and surprises him by showing up at his new school. Reviewed by chesed on 1 August At one point in the story, it is revealed that Kusano has affections for Kotani.

Reviewed by whatever on 3 May One of the best school doramas out there. From the first episode though, I was really impressed, it was a lot different than I had expected.

Beyond the horizon they know the future looms, and Shuji concedes this fact in his voice-over: However, must be watched dorama! Awww I miss Akira already! This dorama is really good.!!

But when you hit nobura the sixth episode things start to fall apart and the series turns from enjoyable to just plain annoying. Boy was I wrong.

The end of the drama sees all three characters being able to “live wherever [they] are”, having learned the meaning of friendship and love. When she comes to school in that frumpy skirt and episore blazer with an enormous corsage ohhhh those boys!!! Nobuta is adorable, but the other characters really don’t strike a chord with me.

For Nobuta, the effect is nothing short of devastating, making her retreat back into her shell and draw the blinds, wanting never to come out again. So I loved to watch the scenes, where the three of them had a good time He kinda overacted a bit in the 1st episode but lightened it the rest of the way.


Although she is not officially a member of the Nobuta Producing team, she was indispensable in helping to produce Kotani. Retrieved from ” https: This is a good show about friendship and trying to fit in. Is nothing sacred now?

Sometimes I get so waaaay off track from a review I have to slap myself. Comments by Kirari Ililah [Rating: In a way they’re defective personalities who learn to know the value of friendship. It had a producw plot, but honestly, it didn’t keep my attention as much as some of the other dramas I’ve watched.

Nobuta wo Produce – 10

Nobuta is my favorite Japanese drama and one of my three favorite dramas of all time and this gloddrama was just pure GOLD from start to finish. The story is very new and will keep you interested. This story is like an average Japanese high school story, but with an encouraging “umph”.

The storyline was simple and very, very sincere, and I loved the fact that it wasn’t over-dramatized or trying too hard to impress. And how those guys make she shine is beautiful.

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The various episodes deal with the pair’s attempts at making Kotani popular by making her more appealing. I also would watch it again, I really really wasn’t bored watching this drama! The story is kept simple, and there’s no further adornment to purposely reach a climax point or to cause an adrenaline rush for viewers. But every time I re-watched, I discovered something new, even if it’s just bits and pieces. You will love the nobua between the 3 lead character You are commenting using your Facebook account.

And that is a great thing for a show to have: I still think Nobuta wo produce won the awards because of an affecting quality.