They fall on top of each other at the end and run away. Unlike a lot of children’s anime, not only do the parents and teachers provide a major support network, but are often shown to be just as developed as the main kid characters. Also, Doremi and Kotake get together after having a significant amount of Unresolved Sexual Tension between them. One of the Doremi-focused episodes in Motto! Yuuta Mochizuki as Keisuke Harukaze Doremi’s father. Whoever they consulted for this scene must have given a hand on Ashita no Nadja the next series by the same staff , since a couple of letters in perfect Italian are seen there too. They never say how the thanks is received, or from whom you need to get the thanks from. In the stinger for a Dokkan episode, the girls are wondering where numerous beads came from.

Nao Nagasawa as Majorika. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. The first one had the fairies bouncing on the register until Dodo accidentally slammed Majo Rika followed by them producing cards of their respective owners. Akatsuki Yamatoya eps 4, 7, 9 Midori Kuriyama 4 episodes eps 1, 8, 10, November Learn how and when to remove this template message. This gives her the push to convince her father to do the same when he gets set up on a date with his boss’ daughter. Miyu Matsuki as Anna ep 2.

Kiyomi Asai as Natsumi ep Ojamaho writers forgot that the girls had yet to collect all the bad cards in the first season. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Led by Doremi Harukazethe girls must maintain their double lives in secret. Sayaka Aida as Tomoe ep 6. The second, which occurred during Sharpgave the Royal Patraine, which was only used when Oyajide kidnapped Hana-chan and when Majo Tourbillon threatened Hana-chan’s life at the end of Sharp.

Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho Episode 8 Discussion

Oyajide does this to the girls in Sharp episode 22 so as to get away after his duplicity episoxe been uncovered. Ojijide warns him that the Wizard World is dying and that they need Hana’s magic to save it.


The Flat 4 in Sharp: The skies are strange and twisting, land itself seems to float in the air, and. They fall on top of each other at the end and run away. Momoko meets Onpu at New York and tells a story of what happened before she became a witch apprentice. Pop, who is eventually replaced by Onpu in Sharp The wild card: The South Korean dub also changes the characters to Korean to comply with national broadcasting regulations, as blatantly Japanese content could not be aired on certain channels due to political tension between the two countries.

If someone were to die epissode this show, they’re all but assured to remain dead. So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season.

Made even worse by leaving it ambiguous whether she does it to not be found out as a naiaho, or because she can’t bear the pain of having to see them grow old and die before her or both. Sumi Shimamoto as Nozomi’s mother ep All There in the Manual: New Powers as the Plot Demands: Articles lacking sources from November All articles lacking sources Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February Articles containing Japanese-language text. It doesn’t inconvenience them in the slightest.

Chiemi Chiba as Doremi Harukaze. E clair -L emon pie. That happened to me this week.

Bothersome Witch Doremi Se-cr-et. Yuka Shino as Haruka Harukaze Doremi’s mother.

Spongebob SquarePants Suteki Mugendai (Ojamajo Doremi Naisho)

Hana-chan technically counts since she’s from the Witch World Kindergarten. There’s only one problem, though On the other hand, Hana didn’t use magic and got thanks The girls lose their powers which they had worked so hard to fully attain Cristina Whites Ignazio Giardina. Japanese staff Japanese cast Series Composition: The man Onpu daydreamed about in Naisho episode 10 is depicted as being bad.

And now it has a recap in the works. Their fairies can transform into their respective owners when they need to go somewhere without arousing suspicion Named After Somebody Famous: Episode 1 of Dokkan: Momoko’s magic gives her a greater grasp of Japanese than normal; later, she uses the headset on ojqmajo baker’s outfit to translate her speech perfectly.


Elisabetta Spinelli as Lala.

Lists of anime episodes Ojamajo Doremi series. Reika Tamaki, also the resident Ojou. Takayuki Yamaguchi as Manabu Takagi. Loredana Nicosia Marcello Cortese Dialogues: They never say how the thanks is received, or from whom you need to get the thanks from.

Nami Miyahara as Momoko Asuka. It is so inhospitable that the Wizards themselves have become a Dying Race only 30 of the remain! Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!

In Series 1the girls helped a fox cub out and got a thank you from ojamajjo in its own language.

Junko Takeuchi as Kimitaka ep nwisho. Doremi especially, but the main things that come to mind are the first two season finales when they have to save Onpu and then save Hana, respectively.

Emanuela Pacotto as Lullaby.

Spongebob SquarePants Suteki Mugendai (Ojamajo Doremi Naisho) – video dailymotion

Each girl has their own specific magic spell for common magic as well as a variant for casting Magical Stage. Losing a child happens several times in the series, and since witches live very long, it’s generally expected that they’d outlive their kids if they marry a human man and bear his children.

In Dokkan 40, Doremi befriends the witch Mirai Sakura living in the human world, who is forced to constantly move around and part from the people she loves due to her long lifespan. Yada shares this with Hazuki, and Momoko later picks up this fear as well. The LN series reached its conclusion with Ojamajo Doremi