Ik Weet Wie Je Bent A drama centered on three different men who moving in together after they all got separated from their wives. This season is even better than the first two, believe it or not. Hollands Hoop TV Series The story is spotty in areas, and the overuse of flashbacks at the start, and during each new episode, becomes extremely annoying after a while. John de Weerdt 22 episodes, Joost Koning Character development is good for the lead character, as it shows how the business can seduce anyone to become totally changed as a person. Fiep Homoet 46 episodes, Loek Peters

Koen de Weerdt 21 episodes, In ‘The Oldenheim 12’ we follow the lives of the residents of the extremely traditional Dutch village of Oldenheim. A man who works for the tax authorities ends up becoming friends with a dangerous criminal after their daughters become best friends and he accidentally saves his life. The second season – of course – continues where the first one stopped and takes the viewer even deeper in the world of the leading character Carmen and her family and friends and all they experience when she unwillingly becomes more and more involved in the world of crime. Zuidas TV Series Character development is good for the lead character, as it shows how the business can seduce anyone to become totally changed as a person. Nieuwe buren TV Series It isn’t long before some very dangerous people are coming after her to get what they think her husband stole; this puts both her and her family in danger.

Carmen van Walraven-de Rue 48 episodes, Sigrid ten Napel This is a pretty average Dutch TV series that uses a well worn theme of a woman who takes over her husband’s drug trafficking network.

After her husband is being killed, Subtitlrs decides to take over the role of leading an organized crime scene to protect her children. Before they get to move into their new home, they lose the baby girl. While there are 4 seasons listed, I was only able to view two of those but if the other reviews on this site are right, the series seems to go downhill after season two so I may not have missed much.

The competition with other gangs leads to liquidations and cold blooded killings.


Simon Zwart 25 episodes, Even though I haven’t seen Red Widow yet, usually nothing beats the original even sutch for some people the fact of a series being subtitled keeps them from watching it.

At the beginning of the first season, it soon became very obvious that Penoza was not an average series but one that had much more to offer. Those series wasted little time getting the protagonist willingly involved in an illegal business; here the protagonist is slowly dragged in to this violent world.

It should be possible with such a cast. Overall I found the first two seasons of this series really gripping and ditch we don’t have to wait too long before pennoza episodes are available here.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Often brutal but utterly communicative with a sensational lead performance, this is a story of good people doing very bad things in an ever desperate downward spiral toward oblivion.

Follows two families in the countryside of the Netherlands, who become archenemies after a mysterious accident in the past. In a Frisian town in the Netherlands, a police team solves crimes, led by chief Carla Vreeswijk. So will the Oscars still rock you? John de Weerdt 22 episodes, As she is she learns some shocking truths about her family and just who was behind her husband’s death.

This series also lacks the deliberate humour of those series. The series is about a woman Carmen whose family is in the drug business. Neither given to write reviews, nor watch two entire series in two sittings yet here I am.

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The acting is average. But maybe that is the duch comparison. Boris van Walraven 48 episodes, Niels Gomperts The locals are shaken to the core when they suddenly face a series of mysterious disappearances. In ‘The Oldenheim 12’ we follow the lives of the residents of the extremely traditional Dutch village of Oldenheim.

After a photographer and a lawyer start a steamy affair, their lives and those around them get entangled in dirty business and family secrets. The cinematography is very good, the acting is terrific. Nicolaas Luther 43 episodes, I always had a bad taste after i watched the episodes.

English Subs for Penoza (Dutch)/ Black Widow Seasons 3 and 4

As her husband is killed her happy family life is overand she becomes very much involved in the business. Lucas ‘Storm’ Albema 30 episodes, Jacqueline Blom It’s reminiscent of the Italian series where the daughter took over the Father’s mafia network, and also the Mexican series, “Reina del Sur”.


A real pity, as there are many non-English-language series out there, that are just too good to be missed like the Danish series The Killing, The Bridge and another fantastic Dutch series called Overspel, the Dutch word for adultery. But it never gets too bloody for the viewer, all goes in a very realistic play of drama and thrills.

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I have to admit that the second peonza is even better than the first one. This is very high quality stuff. Sandrina Breusink-Ritchie 34 episodes, Like the Sopranos, this is quality TV of the very highest calibre. She is under continuous attention of the police, and every now and then getting close to convictions.

Psychological thriller about a famous attorney who may or may not have killed his niece. I just saw the last episode of the third series. Exciting inside in the real underworld. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Fiep Homoet 46 episodes, Black Widow — dutcn. This is not The Sopranos, and has only the theme of crime families in common. He claims to have amnesia, a reason he used in several of his cases.

Peter and Eva, a dutvh young couple expecting their first child, buy a house in a suburban village. Moordvrouw TV Series One could be forgiven for expecting this to be ‘Breaking Bad’ crossed with ‘Mafiosa’ French series also on dutfh Presents’ but it is quite different. So if you wanna see some decent dutch acting, watch series 1 and leave it at that. Was this review helpful?

The first few episodes duutch been broadcast only a couple of days ago. The series gained a lot of fans and critical acclaim all over.