All initial responses to posters must contain a properly punctuated question. The editing made it seem like it was a snap decision on your part. Also, I live in CO and am desperately seeking a job. I apologize if I came off as wanting to know specifics. That doesn’t keep him from going out. Or is that really how most people pitch their ideas? Is it a complete replacement for doing laundry?

My question is if there are any products that actually get the worst of both worlds – are there products that don’t make the cut for the show, even though they were filmed? QVC and the amount of sales experience she brought to your product? I won’t be the one to confirm you smell better, though. They ran through their pitch quickly and efficiently, demonstrating the effectiveness of their Reviver wipes on a T-Shirt that had been sealed in a bag with some hamburgers. Himself – Shark Kevin O’Leary No fake accounts here my good, polite friend

So glad you knew us pre-Tank. You might have answered this on the show but I forget We loved her hustle. Edit Storyline Pitches include a mother and son from Grand Rapids, MI whose business can give every bride a gorgeous wedding cake but for a slice of the price; and a restaurateur from Houston, TX has a solution to a common problem encountered while dining out.

Can Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? There’s maybe a 20 minute break and its on to the next one. I can send you a sample of Spark for Women if you’d like to try it!

She believes that entrepreneurs who are not depending on good business results to keep the wolf from the door, will never be as hungry for success as those who have no choice but to sink or swim. Wonderful really all that wonderful? For hours and hours! Venezuela’s Defense Minister Vladimir Lopez said on Tuesday that troops tamk remain stationed along Venezuela’s border.

Those who eeviver Barbara was discriminating against rich kids are living in a bubble. I really just want to gauge how easy it is to actually close a deal after the agreed upon terms.


The gist of it all was there though. The producers knew all about me and Ben, while the Sharks had no idea.

My husband works as a cable service technician for a very large and very well known cable company. I’ve heard different experiences from other Sharks. Essentially a non-spray Febreze for clothes, Reviver represents as a tak category of product, according to the Kusins, who insist episodd not trying to replace laundry, the same way chewing gum is not intended to replace tooth brushing. The shxrk inventions are built out of the need to solve a problem or improve upon a situation.

Did you have to do any retakes or camera breaks or was it all pretty much go in do your thing and they edit what they want? Ben and I both had some really good conversation about it in the Tank that unfortunately just got left on the edit room floor. It ensures that nothing is said that’s off-base.


There’s a due diligence phase that happens after the filming. Check out the video: It was no surprise that Ben was quick to notice a potential business opportunity, he is the oldest son of businessman Gary Kusin, the founder of the video game retailer GameStop, and the former CEO of FedEx Office.

The new wipe claims to be able to completely mask the smell of pot, although perhaps wisely, the Kusin brothers have set that particular product up with its own website, independent from the rest of their product line. So will the Oscars still rock you? Robert thinks Barbara’s attitude is wrong.

It’s hard for me to answer those three questions Full Cast and Crew. It was beyond awkward. How does one go about testing and scientifically proving that reivver gets rid of weed smoke. In time for the December re-airing of the episode, the business brought out new wipes, one specifically for xhark, and two others with a slightly more devious purpose.

They all are super effective against odors. We always hear fans of Reviver say they love how much use they get out of it.

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The editing made it seem like it was a snap decision on your part. I honestly think Barbara heard us out, and felt bad about generalizing us.


Did you tell anyone like your family or best friend? Also, I live in CO and am desperately seeking a job. So you guys went into some pretty serious detail about the materials in your product? After a hefty investment supplied by dad Gary, to fund the four year long development process, Ben eventually launched the Reviver business insupply freshening clothes wipes that could remove unwanted odors.

Any tips for winning this thing? Recently found out about this show and I’m hooked!

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I didn’t really understand what was being said when we were in there. Although he discovered a vast array of products to freshen breath, from mints to gum, there was nothing that would freshen his clothes up in tqnk same way.

I also have a good friend who suffers from hyperhidrosis excessive sweating and that I have no doubt would be thrilled to use a product such as this to help with what can be, epissode and often is, a very embarrassing problem. The pitch is supposed to be minutes For those who didn’t watch the show, what was your initial reaction when first walking in front of atnk sharks?

Its so easy to get hooked on shark tank! They also reveal they have a meeting with Wal Mart in August. You could tell we were the first company to film a segment for season Reviver’s newest products are a smoke swipe that removes the smell of cigarette smoke from clothes and something called the “Spark” clothing swipe–one revivfr men and one for women–that produces a dry fragrance meant to attract members the opposite sex.

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