After one week’s postponement of their match, it’s finally here! Meanwhile, Tokugawa takes Ryoma to the court for a practice where he reveals his past and how he wants to beat No. Rudolph players by himself. Yambuki’s Taichi Dan makes a surprise appearance during Seigaku’s tennis club practice. How far do Yukimura’s abilities extend to?! Fuji vs the U. The Seigaku team goes on a training trip.

The Black Jerseys show an incredible improvement in their abilities, thanks to the intense training at the mountains. The middle schoolers also realize how much they have improved from the rigorous training. A special training session awaits. In the end, Tezuka wins with a victory of 6—1. But before that happens, Marui takes control of all the receives with Wonder Castle. First match of All-Japan National Tournament: Kintarou and Tokugawa vs.

Misunderstanding abound in this comedy of errors: As the match goes on, Yuuta’s reasons for transferring to St.

When Momoshiro and Kaidoh lose their cool while training the first and second years and Ryoma returns from America to Osaka. Akiba calls Irie’s theatrical style “cheap acting. Momoshiro, Echizen, and the Freshmen Trio go to a shopping duty. Migihashi employs a technique called “God’s Domain”, and it utilizes the spin of the ball so that it always draws back to him, much like the Tezuka Zone.

In Singles 1, Ryoma faces Atobe to see who rikkadiai to the semi-finals of the national tournament. Kintarou and Tokugawa vs. The object of the game is to play the ball in such a way that the opponent is not able to play a valid return, the player who is unable to return the ball will not gain a point, huice the opposite player will. Tezuka vs Kabaji in Singles 2 of the quarterfinals. Sengoku shows us his new style of play, a sport inside of a sport, also inuj as boxing!


The Ranking Tournament is finally here, and the matches to determine the regulars are ready to prosper. As of January 15,a total of four DVD compilationscontaining the first fifty episodes, have been released by Viz Media.

Prince of Tennis

While Fuji is able to get out of the illusion, Niou creates yet another one, this time rikiaidai Shiraishi the copied. Everybody is doing something for Ryoma. The history of how they became partners and friends as kids is also shown. Fuji and Kawamura play together in the Doubles 2 match. This article needs additional citations for verification. Oni wins the match. But Momoshiro and Kaidoh are missing!

The middle schoolers also realize how much they have improved from the rigorous training. The middle schoolers and the reps decide on a shuffle match for the next jiice to become Japan’s representatives. During the next days, the team had to start from zero and faced a series of raw challenges coming from this man that were so different compared to what they have always been doing before.


Which episode/chapter is this?(prince of tennis)?

I sooooo e;isode it. The Seigaku regulars are also introduced, and seem interested in Ryoma. At the end, the path led to a storage cabin where there were black jerseys that looked like that ones that people in the training camp wore. That promise is about to be in danger of being broken.

The Prince of Tennis episode lists. Otori, Otori remains with the winners at the training camp and vows to become stronger. Akaya’s shoulder injury prevents him from hitting inu Phantom Balls, and it finally becomes too much for him to keep on playing. Everybody is doing something for Ryoma.

Prince of Tennis

Ryoma takes Kirihara’s place on the court. The next match, singles of Ishida Gin against Duke Watanabe.

He challenges Fuwa, saying he doesn’t need a handicap, leading Fuwa to take off his blindfold. However, Kaidoh takes the last remaining spot, kicking Inui off the regulars. The Black Jerseys return from the mountain.