The film lacks something and I think I know what it is; there is no real villain. In one scene as Murphy approaches a drug factory to make a bust images of the classic drug factory shoutout of the original came to mind. While his appearance at first is welcome, by the end it feels very cheap and unnatural. I expected a mindless Micheal Bayian action movie and what I got was a really smart, interesting and entertaining look at trans-humanism, the freedom of choice, politics and recklessness in corporate leaders. Corrected spelling and OCR errors. Free of spam and authoring notations.

RoboCop BluRay p 5. Bluray 3 years ago 1 PublicHD one year ago 1 RoboCop p x 10bit Tigole. FIXED long lines, few overlapping, short durations, re-synced individual lines, added commas, improved on anything I could. Malay Robocop BluRay 3 years ago 1

I felt, the movie has a mission to enlighten people and I liked that.

Malay Robocop BluRay 3 years ago 1 Just fixed some OCR errors. The subtirles focuses more on the development of Murphy’s character, his initial response to his cyborg body and relationship with his family, making the character more emotional and relatable to the audience.

While it’s far better than it could have been, Jos? But watching the new one I never got rid of the feeling, that the remake is worth it. I know what I’d buy for a dollar. Diset pada tahunapabila Alex Murphy seorang suami dan bapa penyayang serta subtittles polis yang baik – cedera parah dalam satu cubaan bunuh, OmniCorp melihatnya sebagai peluang untuk merealisasikan projek polis – Separuh Manusia Separuh Robot.

It’s ham fisted and provides little more than uninteresting commentary on the power of the media and plot exposition.

The new RoboCop is a surprisingly good and entertaining sci-fi action thriller that appeals to the human heart by conveying emotions and the humanity side of Murphy, the main character who eventually becomes the titled cyborg law enforcer.

When I watched Man of Steel at about the 50 minute mark I realised I hadn’t heard John Williams classic Superman theme but also realised that this was a new take on the Superman mythos that didn’t need to borrow from it’s predecessors. It tells us nothing interesting that we don’t already know and Jackson does his shouty thing to excess, especially at the cringe-worthy end. AAC-Morpheus 3 years ago 2 The film shouldn’t upset people too badly, it could honestly be much worse subfitles it does have some passable moments with a couple of good nods to the original.


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Rate if you appreciate. PublicHD one year ago subtitoes That’s why Padilha gives Murphy more of a face, a life and feelings. I particularly liked the first few scenes of him coming to grips with his new form and his little meltdown in the Chinese factory in which he was built.

The new black tactical design of Robocop is found to be acceptable and nice I wholly embrace the need to make this reboot from a fresh angle to that of Verhoven’s original but Sony MGM have played it way too safe with something that would clearly play better if it were aimed at an adult audience. A stupidly convenient plot device whereby the entire Detroit PD database including 17 years worth of the city’s CCTV is uploaded to Murphy merely minutes before he’s about to make his big subtitlws.

XviD-2LOW 3 years ago 1 Language Set favourite s Login. It’s far from perfect, but it is way improved.

It won’t become iconic, but it’s the right time for the right message in the right movie. Disertai terjemahan teks asing di layar. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle RoboCop. ActionSci-FiThriller Countries: There aren’t any particular standout performances other than Gary Oldman who almost always delivers no matter the role or movie.

I genuinely believe that an R rated movie, devoid of such tight restrictions would have been a far more satisfying experience.

With respect to the guy s who worked on this sub prior to me. Added Corrected lyrics and Colored music notes to songs. AC3-MuskeTeerS 3 years ago 1 Ganool 3 years ago 1 While his appearance at first is welcome, by the end it feels very cheap and unnatural. The film is best when it subfitles trying to ape cdoatian nod towards the original.


Typical of modern Hollywood. Credit to Zee 1.

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Alas there’s not really that much else that’s in any way as memorable as the classic it’s based on. Padilha’s RoboCop remake fails to offer a significant improvement over the original. Unfortunately the film starts to take a significant nose dive at the point of Robocop’s big public unveiling.

It’s not a bad film per se, it’s just painfully average and therefore unable to get out from the vast shadow of its forebear and like the Total Recall remake, it tries too hard too often to remind you of the original whilst offering nothing new to compete with it. ActionSci-FiThriller. Kurtwood Smith is an evil son of a gun in the original because he shoots Murphy to pieces. Alas this version turns out to be a total anti-climax almost totally devoid of the carnage so required from such a scene.

Bluray 3 years ago 1 So when people complain about the uncomfortable scenes between Murphy and his wife, I can only imagine they mean what happened after his transformation, and that felt exactly the way it was supposed to! Pangeran 3 years ago 4 TO Robocop p BluRay 2 years ago 1 Fix OCR, italics, overlapping, spelling etc The film ultimately wins for not trying to be the original version. In all other aspects it’s a bit of a wasted opportunity really.

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Well, it looks like butter, it at times tastes like butter, but brother, it ain’t butter. The best bits revolve around Murphy’s initial awakening as a cyborg which are very robofop done indeed.

Would something like The Wire work if it was aimed at a teenage audience? Arabic Original Bluray Subtitle!