A gag manga series by Saya Kiyoshi, Saki Biyori , began serialization in Young Gangan from June , with an original video animation released on July 25, Just to make things clear – no, Koromo’s warning doesn’t count because it happened already during semis and only said Shizu might be troublesome, not that she has any special powers, not to mention being monster at that. Find More Posts by Sol Falling. I guess the main reason Side A doesn’t seem as good is because we didn’t really see much of hax vs hax, the players aren’t trying hard enough against each other. Awai’s voice and Hiroko’s new voice seem to fit to me so i think they’re really good choices. Yuu, by now Sumire will know what her tell is and try to fool you.

Because the winner didn’t declare riichi, the six bamboo she discarded was discarded normally not sideways Spoiler for Hand: Originally Posted by The Green One So there’s no preferential treatment, she’s still performing her duties for the rest of the team at the same time as working with Kuro. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Her ability is control over the table and points of all players. Shizu doesn’t “suddenly” get better in semi-final. Harue was training them, off screen, its exactly the same with Kiyosumi and Hisa training Saki, Nodoka and Yuuki to bring out their full potential, we don’t need to see their every training session, because it would bog down the story that already is slow, and it would make people not want to read it.

Send a private message to tsunade Hell – if one cares more about any other char besides them then the mangaka messed up somewhere. With the show getting deeper into the nationals, I’m enjoying it quite a bit and since Kiyosumi’s on the opposite side of the board, our chances of getting spoiled are pretty lowbut there’s still the problem of the Achiga-originating character designs not being nearly as distinctive as the main series.

I really just wanted to hear that girl who sang on Honey and Clover. I know, but supernatural is completely out there, while finding a tell is actually fo.


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Remember that in Kirame’s flashback that a aniimesuki was said to have bust every player in Shindouji during their 2 waki practice, except for Kirame. Because the winner didn’t declare riichi, the six bamboo she discarded was discarded normally not sideways Spoiler for Hand: Not even a slight smirk over a massive victory.

Speaking of mahjong powers Find More Posts by Proto. Same goes for the whole Francis Xavier, the first disciple, Oda Nobuaga.

Irrelevant to the point I tried to make. Also calling them Teru and a team of point losers, is really stupid. Chiwa Saito does a great job as Awai.

If that is something you don’t like, then you are in for a lifetime of disappointment The matches where also pretty interesting. Am not even sure anymore that I want to see the finals. Even giving her opponents extra credit, and continuing to aniimesuki concern for Toki. It would be much better if Shiraitodai dominated semis and other three schools were desperately fighting for second place.

I loved Teru time but damn that was so one sided its refreshign to see ahimesuki more balanced game.

That’s not what I would expect episodde Saki’s final rival in captain match and “successor of Teru”. Find More Posts by ultimatemegax.

This match showed us that Shizuno will likely be Saki worst nightmare.

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Wow, what a classy professional! How monster can you get??? Spring Impressions part1 Spring Impressions part2.

Page 1 of This usually makes me care about each character at least a little bitand it always makes the Ski-verse seem more full and rich and immersive. Um no its been said that maybe even pros s be unable to beat it.

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Originally Posted by ahelo. I will grab your hand and realize your dream. It isn’t like Kuro. It just proves she isn’t as much of a moster as we thought, she can’t even recognize when flow stops favoring her. A lot of people in this site are incredible pretentious hypocrites.


What’s more, her power is reliant on wall. Find More Posts by maplehurry. Visit Myssa Rei’s homepage! The characters thus far are a bit bland for me in terms of personality, in comparison to the original series where perhaps Saki herself is the most plain character. The sense of realism like sibling love and being the older one is really played well here. In the main manga, Saki and her friends are going to win the finals. And look what happened to her. It’s not just Shizu and Awai.

Saki: Achiga-hen episode of side-A Chapter 20 Discussion

We are the best because we are willing to wait for years for this certain 12 episode anime to come in. Find More Posts by Peanutbutter. Originally Posted by Valky I love the scene where Saki appears in ep In some anime character also more main characters. Kuro needs to have higher skills for better damage control to give Achiga a fighting chance. I can’t wait for another awesome magical mahjong match and new Saki characters.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Send a private message to desrtsku. Also as stated Ako’s better speed play and Sera’s tenapi bonus also kept Takami sealed. Seiko is below Kuro in strength – at least Kuro’s ability, while making it harder to win, makes her hand stronger when she does, whereas Seiko’s makes it harder to win and makes her hand weaker when she does.

Originally Posted by kniteowl Because the winner didn’t declare riichi, the six bamboo she discarded was discarded normally not sideways Spoiler for Hand: Teru x Toki looks so romantic