It’s the most powerful one they make. Yeah, I’m part of the solution now Jerry. You put ’em in there? The Texas guys love to swear and drink, so George adopts those tendencies when he’s talking with them. What’re the keys doing in there? And let’s face it, without rules, there’s chaos.

Well, I’m bringing that concept to mile one-fourteen. Regarding the two sewing machines, it would make more sense if Kramer had dumped it there. Elaine tries to order a new Chinese dish, Supreme Flounder, but she lives across the street from the boundary of the Chinese restaurant ‘s delivery area. He puts his hand on the counter and knocks Jenna’s toothbrush off the edge. Toilet brush, oh he pulls a ‘Damn, shoulda guessed! Jerry begins to wander into the living room. I’m a baseball player, dammit.

What the hell was that? There’s a loud crash as the truck runs over the sewing machine. Only her forearm is visible to us, but it’s enough for us to know that she is wringing wet as the result of a violent eruption from the toilet bowl.

Kramer works diligently to keep his part of the road clean, not trusting the work to the city’s maintenance crew. You could’ve introduced me. Shall we stop and say hi? Seventy-eight, West Eighty-sixth Street. It’s a hundred thousand revolutions a second. And let’s face it, without rules, there’s chaos.


He grabs the brush out, drops it on a shelf beside the mirror and immediately begins frantically washing his hands. He picks up the remote control and drops it into rozzuto waste bin. On the ring is a miniature head, clearly a caricature of someone.

Together they carry them across the hall to Kramer’s apartment. Oh, I was uh, I was waiting downstairs for the jackhammer, thought I’d drop by.

Kramer gets into a golf-course argument with ex-baseball player Steve Gennison not a real guy and does the whole manager-umpire in-your-face screaming battle when he recreates the incident for Jerry and Elaine.

Episodes Overview Scripts Contact. So Jerry, why’d you call me? Then I figured, well, they’re really both cake. That car was episofe last germ-free sanctuary. Is the flounder here yet? The brush falls into the toilet bowl. From his viewpoint, we ;hil Jenna’s lips looming toward him.

This was the 16th episode for the eighth season. Newman begins screaming and yelling in the midst of the inferno.

She opens the door to find George. Well, I’m a poppa. The truck is rizzuo along with the sewing machine caught on the front axle. That’s alright, for Jenna’s benefit because there’s nothing wrong with dirt. Kramer adopts a highway. But then I thought, it’s morning, I should really have a muffin. Click Here to join our new Seinfeld’s fans community! She succeeds in squeezing out, and stumbles into the hallway. Views Read Edit View history. I wouldn’t know where to start.


Oh no, there’s been an error

Kramer enters the now crowded closet. This tactic lands him sseinfeld girlfriend and a job interview with the Yankees. I don’t doubt it. Later, George bemoans the fact that he lost his new key chain.

Elaine struggle to squeeze past George, and then Kramer to reach the door. George dashes off excitedly.

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George Steinbrenner finds George’s damaged car which was Jerry’s faultwith blood showing, parked in the Yankee Stadium lot and immediately assumes he’s dead. You said you grabbed it outta there real fast, right? Why didn’t you pull over?

If the real Phil Rizzuto was down there, this wouldn’t be happening!