The foreigner escaped then. Both Kyu and William are now locked up in jail, miserable. Again, thanks so much for your recaps! Beojin was so much fun. Back at the palace, the King is pleased to have his son returning today to check on him. I never think into these dramas that deeply, but I definitely feel the emotions. I like that we got to understand how driven she was, even in her dying moments.

Where did that come from? Well, I will always love Tama Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: It aired in Thailand on Channel 7 every Thursday to Friday at 8. He knows he is the one that needs to tell her about William’s death, so this kiss is his only chance of letting Beo Jin know of how he feels at that very moment. I don’t want to see him in pain.

Tamra the Island: Episode 13 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Are you going to keep disappointing me? I am fortunate that I own a copy of the 21 episode DC version so my Tamra journey does not end here.

This man seems to have had something to do with that nightmare she had a while ago, and he ends up strangling her child self, presumably to keep her quiet. Why are people doing this to us? Although he is incredibly daft at times, and I have been known to dislike his frustrating one-track mind, I think he and Beo Jin do need to spend time together and their relationship has to be resolved.

I myself deleted the whole series from my hard disk last year, after suffering through the first 5 minutes. Again, thanks so much for your recaps! I was really unhappy with the undeserved cut. However, his cover story leads to a tangle of complications for him: Kyu is struck, falling overboard as all exterior sounds disappear and Beo Jin feels the full force from his injury. Unfortunately for Beo-jin, she didn’t inherit her mother’s gifts or prowess for diving.

William reveals that Seo Rin has her locked up. The Man in Black instructs for some men to escort her to the ship and the fighting breaks out. She just tells him she needs a bathroom.


Sinopsis ‘Tamra the Island’ All Episodes

If not I would have missed out on this fun drama. Please enter your username or email address. Please enter your username or email address. She worries and asks if something happened to him, is he is hurt, sinopsls, eventually working herself up koera tears. In the epi version, I disliked Beojin. She unties his shirt and is shocked at the severity of the wound, and starts treating it. I don’t want to see him in pain.

William is swindled by a shady merchant into believing that a plain porcelain chamber pot is a mystical artifact; he then sails off to Nagasaki in order to open the “aquatic silk road” between Japan and Sjnopsis, but mostly to escape his creepy and overbearing mother and an arranged marriage. But Kyu says that from here, there is nothing they can do. I needed something to fill in the time between Secret Garden, but I found it so captivating, I finished it in several days!

So mighty thanks for such an underated gem Maybe they’re thinking of a Part 2? Kyu tries to contradict this but fails, ending up just turning and leaving, without saying goodbye. On her way out, the Lady in Red meets Beo Jin.

Episode 4 by Regals. Our two favourite bumbling guards from sinipsis seems likes years ago arrive with a large package for the governor. Believing it to be in Park Osland possession, she tries to get it back from the upright and uptight noble, who is later sent to live with Beo-jin’s family on the same day that William is shipwrecked off the coast; Beo-jin hides him, and later Yan as well, in a cave outside the village.

Thanks for recapping this series! As much as I adore the puppy, there is a time and a place. I’m so happy that u finished the whole recap. Episodes by LollyPip. It wasn’t about me, at all, I was the physical body that he could use to 1 not feel alone in the world at that moment of tremendous crisis and 2 a safe woman to unleash his physical manifestations of emotional distress onto.

Somebody give me the 21 episodes version! I felt sorry for all the cast who work so hard and didn’t get to air all of their work.


The foreigner escaped then. Their chemistry is truly screen worthy and deserves another film opportunity to bring another love story to life.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Bong Sam tries to explain her rather lacklustre appearance, saying that bandits attacked them on the way.

I remembered thinking to myself that I could do better than that school The King gets everyone to raise a drink for his son. Apart from the BJ-Kyu arc, the epi version also showed more of Kyu’s investigation into the Red Lady and these added bits give a more coherent and better-paced story. I had the chance to watch the 21 episode version and it has a lot of scenes that shouldn’t be cut as they were all important to the drama as a whole.

She is the lowest of the apprentice divers after eight years and she is constantly being berated by her mother and all the other divers; she manages to mess up every chance she is given.

I wish I could retroactively go back and squeeze the tar out of Kevin right back, although, in hindsight, I’m not unhappy with my behavior that day, I just wish there was even one thing I could have said to make it okay, and you know what, there’s not, not even, “I love you. We all have moments like this in our lives, so scenes like this we can connect with and be moved by them.

Tamra definitely deserves more love and I hope that these recaps would convince more people to out this wonderful drama. While Ggeut Boon and her mother complain about the small rooms, Beo Jin and her mother stand still, not wanting her to buy them a house.