All underwent pre-treatment 1. Fifty-one peripheral zone tumor nodules were identified at histopathologic evaluation. Limits of propagation of the fundamental mode in multimode fibers. Spence, Oliver Lux, and Richard P. Stability of polyelectrolyte-coated iron nanoparticles for T 2 – weighted magnetic resonance imaging. Enhanced electric and magnetic response of a THz sub-wavelength fiber excited by a localized source. Enhancement of optical energy delivery through strongly scattering media by wavefront shaping techniques Alba M.

In premanifest HD, four phase-based features showed a difference in the caudate nucleus. Cox, Renwen Yu, and F. Modulational instabilities in the weak normal dispersion region of uniform fiber ring cavities. This TPS plug-in allows the registration to be undone. Even small resonance frequency drifts below 10 Hz as well as non-corrected geometric distortions degraded image quality substantially. Plots of the data showed that both near-infrared-based total Hb and T 2 – weighted MRI-based signal-intensity levels clearly decreased during contraction and a clear post-contraction rebound response was evident after the contraction. Ishikawa, and Jiro Itatani.

To develop and test a deep learning approach named Convolutional Neural Network CNN for automated screening of T 2 – weighted T 2 WI liver acquisitions for nondiagnostic images, and compare this automated approach to evaluation by two radiologists. Single pixel detection tomographic terahertz imaging. Both enumeration and localization of implanted seeds are readily accomplished with CEMR.

t2-weighted endorectal magnetic: Topics by

Yan, and David Tangug. Amplification of ultrafast-rotating ring-shaped optical lattices. Bright Synchrotron Radiation from Nano-forest Targets. Assignment to periprostatic structures was not possible with CT. Purcell Effect of Magnetic Dipoles in Nanofibers.


Dutra, and Renato E. Patients were examined on the 1. The adoption of probabilistic and decision-theoretic representations and statistical learning methods has led to a large degree of integration and cross-fertilization among AI, machine learning, statistics, control theory, neuroscience, and other fields.

Maximilian Heck, Ria G. Areas under the receiver-operating characteristic curve were determined. Jimenez, Pedro Rodriguez, T.

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Non-contrast T1-mapping detects acute myocardial edema with high diagnostic accuracy: Signal-to-noise ratio and contrast-to-noise ratio were significantly higher in TT2 than in T2 with the exception of gray-to-white matter contrast. Nonlinear Plasmonic Sensing with Nanographene. Fiber laser pumped Yb: High performance nanostructured Silicon heterojunction for water splitting on large scales.

Ternary fil, quaternary Ge-S-Se-Sb-Te amorphous chalcogenide thin films for mid-infrared applications.

Binary birefringence in ferroelectric super-crystals M. Morrissey, and Frank H. Gas filled hollow core mid-IR fibre lasers.

The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics

The purpose of ganzet study was to study T 2 – weighted magnetic resonance MR image texture features and diffusionweighted DW MR image features in distinguishing prostate cancer PCa from normal tissue. T 2 – weighted Dixon turbo fiml echo TSE enables the generation of T 2 – weighted fat- and water-separated images, which can be used to assess both pathologies simultaneously.


Volumetric spin-echo has until recently only been possible with very long echo times due to blurring of the soft-tissue contrast with long echo trains. The fluctuations were independent of the scanner instabilities.

Nonlinear combining of chirped and phase-modulated Gaussian pulses in multi-core fibers. Mikkel Jensen, Niels M.

Four readers independently rated on a 5-point scale their confidence that cancer was present in each of these ROIs.

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Magnetic resonance imaging is part of the diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer’s disease AD through tanguu evaluation of hippocampal atrophy. Texture features on T 2 – weighted magnetic resonance imaging: The previous studies have been conducted using 1.

Di Falco, and L. Tensile strain dependence of Brillouin scattering in tapered optical fibers.

The latter subgroup had lower density and higher moisture content compared with the other subgroups.