The story finally comes full circle, as the scene was also shown in Episode 1. Did she even apologise to Sheren? Gau Mui found out that the 2 Japanese commanders were fighting among each other This is an anniversary series and one that I was highly anticipating this year. Long Hung arrives from Shanghai, and praises Gau Mui for having foresight to shut down the opium dens in order to avoid possible wartime damage and losses. The drama is set from the late s Republic of China to the early s Second Sino-Japanese War , centering on the conflicts between an influential triad family , who manages a successful opium production business in Guangzhou , and the city’s police force.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Gau Mui immediately gives the last vote to her brother, under a few conditions. I never did like any series revolving around the WW2 era , but I have to say , this drama just breaks my assumption! Despite his hot temper, he values friendship and brotherhood more than anything else. Lai Wah saw Fei Fan putting bombs at the back alley. Unleashing and unraveling of emotions was a commonplace scene. However, a Japanese women who understands Chinese overhears this conversation. He wants Kau Mui to cooperate with them with their business. Soon after, Guangzhou begins receiving its share of frequent air raids.

This series was not as good as Rosy Business.

Also note that the Cultural Revolution happened within those 30 years. That moment when they verbally confessed to each other their undying love. If this is a test for quantity over quality it would have been incomparable.

No Regrets 巾帼枭雄之義海豪情

Long Hei asks where that Siu Hong went, and tells him to return and take charge of the family before Gau Mui ruins them. March 23, at 2: I guess its because this is a big event that happened during that period and because the series was set at that period, it cannot be omitted.


Out on the street, Lai-wah is injured by shrapnel from an exploding bomb.

On the other hand, Lau Sing was much more straightforward and Wayne Lai did such a great job too. Login or Register before you can reply to hannah. Their camaraderie was beautiful, warm and moving.

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Ching Ching requests to be discharged from hospital. However, TVB has produced so many series with the Japanese war theme and its getting a bit too predictable. Lau Sing was so angry that he called Gau Rwgrets a cheater.

Has anyone watched episode 16? Kau Mui was asked by archaeologists to give information regarding the war. He does not remember anything about his identity.

Last but not least, my rating for the series: While interrogating Fei Fan, Lau Sing has a close shave with another air raid. Despite his hot temper, he values friendship and brotherhood more than anything else. December 14, at 3: A costume fitting was held on 10 March [7] in the TVB studios. These scenes were disturbing and makes you feel so annoyed!!

Headline News in Chinese. She writes her last letter to Lau Sing I watched the final episode a couple times now and the more I watch it the more satisfied I am about it. He revieq news that Beiping Beijing has fallen to the Japanese, who have now begun to attack Shanghai.

FROM TIME TO TIME: Episode 1 – 32 synopsis/recap/summary of 32 Episode TVB serial drama No Regrets

TVB series in We got to admit 30 years of wait is really long, again they made return of condor hero 16 years of wait seem like nothing. I thought the montage was beautifully done, especially with the music from Rosy Business — thought that was a really nice touch. I finally know where the picture of Wayne hugging Sheren came from, since there was never a scene with that exact shot XD http: It felt like the story suddenly lost its sense of direction when everyone is only worried about the war.


Long Hei tv Siu Hong, and says that everything will be his soon Episoe Japanese surrenders unconditionally, and the neighbours rush Ching Ching to the hospital Tachiya is leaving for Hong Kong, and hopes that Ching Ching can send him off As well as helping the Japanese, she was also helping the Chinese.

He looks at her with such care and concern and I love that Sheren shares her true thoughts with him too.

No Regrets (TVB ) – Review by Colly |

I think it would be interesting if TVB produced another NR series ehhe, but have it follow the same storyline as the Sales Presentation, that would be another interesting watch! But…2 full episodes about bombing.? Lau Sing often helps Kau Mui when there is trouble.

Meanwhile, Sing receives a report that somebody illegally smuggled in some drugs into Guangzhou. Gau Mui chided him for not being caring enough, which was the reason why Dong Nei left him.