It would be so sad if YK gives up her life She is given 49 days to complete the task before her soul is permanently separated from her body. Even Min Ho was seen atoning for his sins in prison. This makes you think , question yourself how you lived your life. Sad YK sleeping sadly can be replaced with Kang in full slumber splendour bet he wears cartoon jammies to bed. Yi Kyung holds the bank account statement and cries. Also, I agree strongly that there are many beatifull women in this drama. Yi Soo and fate prevented her from suicide, but it was Ji Hyun who got her to live again, and even gave her a family to love her.

So far I like the characters, pace, actors in this drama. I just loved 49 days. I really liked the ending too, though it left me sad. Bae Su-bin as Kang Min Ho: I’m sure the writers creative enough to make some twist. Never mind that one of them is his girlfriend and the other he has very strong feelings for: The Italian version of this song by a Korean singer is playing in the background as HK holds the bracelet in his hand. I frequent your website, to get my daily dose of Kdrama.

Kang wonders when he became her boyfriend, and if Ji Hyun likes him then she should confess. I think you should complain to those Germans. Thanks for the Review. Before I forget, I have one question about this drama: Tho its ws kinda sad ending 4 both d couples bt d msg of d drama is cleared dat we sud appreciate our life when we r alive… Everything ws perfect 4 me except d long lost daugther part beside i lyk d ending dat Kang n Y remain frenz n not as lovers.

She thinks back and remembers him now as a neurologist that she saw, probably close to the time of the accident. Wonder what happened with In-jung Death is about leaving things behind.

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I thought you were only good at remembering names, but you must be good at being delusional too. She is given 49 days to complete the task before her soul is permanently separated from her body. Thanks for the recap GF!


Aw, were you gonna offer her a ride on your little hipster reaper bike? But him drammacrazy her brother works also. She is taking on Ji-hyun character so well. Since not everyone got what they want.

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I just loved 49 days. He will be so happy finally to be close to real JH, and will end up helping her get the tears. Thank you for the recap! He tells her to be strong and stop crying, even as he cries.

Scheduler confirms that his last scheduled elevator ride will be Shin Ji Hyun, who is and always was scheduled to die 6 days from now. I really liked his eramacrazy in the story. She would have dayss Ji Hyun more.

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Mom cries when she realizes that her other daughter is alive. Yi Soo had secretly saved money for their pension, putting the money he earned into the account. In Jung attends but does not show herself.

He finally caves at her stomach growling heh and sends her upstairs to eat something. Long holiday ending, big projects opening. That of course just makes Reaper Boy scoff at the absurdity: Hm, I wonder how much of that is literal. Jo Hyun Jae’s jealousy: I think this is too calculated and unnecessary, not really adding much meaning to this drama because Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung are not bonded based on blood but the lessons that both of them taught each other. Lacey March 26, at 6: Descartes often quoted the old Latin saying: It’s the first thing I noticed.

The agreement appears to be verbal and the contract is under preparation. I was wondering satch there has been such a sharp increase in visitors lately, and now, the mystery is solved! God, that felt good, just hearing her say the words.


Thank you, ockoala, for expressing my thoughts, and for the people here. I want him Kang end up with Yi Kung not Ji hyun too.

In-jung tells Min-ho that she went to see his mother, and insists that they have enough money to take her abroad and live comfortably.

I will miss you 49days….

Ate Strange vision at Ate Bonita, salihin nalang din natin Ate Ashanti, ang galing nyo pong tatlo mag-english.!! I thought it ended beautifully in that the ending was consistent with the storyline and well put together except the sisters wwatch — which I felt was kind just stuck in there.

Their friendship may have been led astray at one point, but in the end they realize how much they all mean to one another. But I do wish the show would move it a bit, cos I’m worried the ploddy progress at the beginning would lead to a rushed bad ending later, like so many dramas.

Yi Kyung or Ji Hyun? She apologizes, but then smiles eagerly, glad to have someone to talk to. Asia Economics on the Korean dramas in the first half of About prosecutor princess Ending.

JHJ plays a character who dramaacrazy involved in a complex, entangled relationship with the coma victim to be played by Nam Gyu Ri and the woman into whose body her soul is trying to enter to be played darmacrazy Lee Yo Won. I have a feeling that HK will realize it is JH by next week.